Best Dog Beds For Chewers

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According to research, 7 out of 10 pets in Americans homes are dogs, and 62% of Americans have at least one pet. If you care to do the math, you realize that there is a huge population of paw buddies in American homes.

The numbers on dog ownership in America are no fluke. There must be something beautiful about being a dog parent. Otherwise, there would be fewer dogs in homes across America and the world at large.

Here are the best dog beds 2019. Note that some of the best beds on our list below have their differences. Some dog beds are as chew proof as you’ll ever get, whereas others are functional and practical enough to earn a place on this list.

Best Dog Beds For Chewers 2019

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K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed
  • Chew Proof Beds - for heavy persistent chewers
  • Chew resistant, waterproof, scratch and bite proof fabric
  • Provides weight distribution, air circulation and overall orthopedic support
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Kuranda All-aluminum
  • Patented, chewproof high strength
  • Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame supports up to 250lbs
  • Elevated/raised orthopedic design to keep your dog dry, cool, and comfortable indoors and outdoors
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Coolaroo Dog Bed
  • Off-the-ground design promotes and increases air flow on all sides of the bed
  • Suspended platform provides added comfort
  • Fabric is made out of a breathable high density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric
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Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • Sized to perfectly fit inside the raised lip of plastic tray in a standard 42" x 28" large crate
  • Orthopedic foam comforts joints & keeps your dog from touching hard plastic and metal in the crate
  • Cover is 100% waterproof and highly tear resistant
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Barkbox Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • A high quality combination of ergonomic memory foam and gel foam
  • Waterproof and the cover is machine-washable
  • Great for really big dogs
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K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed – Overall

The K9 ballistics elevated dog bed features on our list of best dog beds 2019, thanks to a sturdy and robust build that will serve you and your pooch well. The materials on this best dog bed for chewers are a testament of its ability to withstand canine abuse.

For starters, the bed has a chew, scratch, and bite proof fabric that is also water resistant. The fact that it sits above the floor makes the design minimalistic and straightforward, reducing the amount of material available for your dog to bite on.

The stretched fabric makes it easy to clean while the aluminum frame makes it robust and sturdy enough to hold large dogs. Unlike those dog beds that you throw on the ground or floor, this elevated bed stays cleaner for longer, as it doesn’t come into contact with floors or the ground.

The elevation also makes it ideal for outdoor use while it also improves comfort as your dog remains suspended above the ground, reducing pressure on his body. Because of its height, best dogs bed 2019 are breathable, keeping your pooch cool all day long while offering orthopedic support.

The K9 ballistic elevated dog bed has a design that allows it to fit in crates, and it comes with a 180-day chew-proof warranty. If your dog tends to chew and bite through everything in his surroundings, the K9 is an ideal buy.

Why you should buy it:

  • Elevation makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, regardless of the season
  • Great for families that take their dog on camping trips
  • The ripstop ballistic fabric improves longevity
K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed - Best Dog Bed Overall

Easy to clean and has the ability to withstand canine abuse

Kuranda All-aluminum – Best Chew Proof Dog Bed

 The second item on our list of best chew proof dog beds is the Kuranda all-aluminum bed. Like the K9, the Kuranda sits a decent height above the floor, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Raising a dog is akin to raising a growing family as the costs keep piling up. It is worse if you have to replace your dog bed every few weeks, which is why you should get one of the best dog beds 2019 for your pup.

On a positive note, there are reasons why dogs are man’s best friend. They are incredibly loyal, protective, and will never judge. They are also great at relieving stress and showing some TLC, and it is only fair that we reciprocate the love and loyalty they extend to us.

With the Kuranda best dogs bed 2019, you can share some love with your pup by giving him the finest dog bed to relax on, and because of the elevation from the floor, the Kuranda offers excellent orthopedic support for optimal comfort. It is ideal for young pups and even older adult dogs that might be suffering from joint problems.

It sports an aluminum frame that is light yet sturdy and comes in a wide array of fabric colors to choose from. For smaller dogs and better portability, you can even opt for the PVC-framed version. The design of best dog beds 2019 feature hidden fabric that stays inside the frame, discouraging your pup from chewing.

Why you should buy it

  • Generous warranty
  • Ballistic and non-abrasive fabric
  • Sturdy, with a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
Kuranda All-aluminum - Best Chew Proof Dog Bed

This bed sits a decent height above the floor, making it ideal for outdoor use

Coolaroo Dog Bed – Most Affordable Elevated Dog Bed

The Coolaroo comes in a choice of colors, namely, terracotta, gray, nutmeg, and Brunswick green. While it might not be the best chew proof dog bed you can buy, it is comfortable enough for your furry friend without burning a hole through your pocket.

The Coolaroo makes up in price where it fails in chew proofing. At a fraction of what the K9 and the Kuranda cost, this is one dog bed that won’t leave you tearing up if you need to replace it within a few weeks or months.

Like the other two, the Coolaroo sits above the ground, which increases air flow and circulation for your dog to stay cool at all times. The platform’s suspension state eases pressure on your pup’s joints and skeleton, while the overall design makes this dog bed resistant to mold, fleas, or mites.

The frame is made from powder-coated steel, which boosts durability, while the lightweight build eases portability. Although the bed is easy to set up, clean, and maintain, the exposed fabric edges that wrap around the steel frame are where the Coolaroo fails.

Dogs are natural chewers and scratchers. When you have a bed with exposed fabric, they get encouragement to chew on the bed as the fabric edges are easily accessible like on the Coolaroo. However, if you are looking for the best dog crate bed that are comfortable and don’t set you back a hundred or more Benjamins, then the Coolaroo is a good option.

Why you should buy it:

  • It is one of the best dog beds 2019 for the money
  • The cot comes in different sizes, with the biggest having nearly 9 sq. ft. of cot space
  • Extremely comfortable for small, big, or old dogs

Apart from elevated dog beds, which are the overall best dog crate bed?

Coolaroo Dog Bed - Most Affordable Elevated Dog Bed

A dog bed that won’t leave you tearing up if you need to replace it within a few weeks or months

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed – Best Dog Crate Pad

The Big Barker orthopedic dog bed is arguably among the best dog beds 2019 available. However, all the bells and whistles it packs don’t come cheap. One of its perks is that Big Barker makes these best dog crate beds with standard crate measurements in mind.

If you are looking for a luxury orthopedic dog bed to fit in your dog’s crate, then look no further. The American-made foam is high quality, offering the best support for your dog without losing its firmness over time.

The outer cover is made from soft but thick and firm fabric that is also ideal for frequent nesters and diggers. If your dog tends to make a mess in his crate or beds, the Big Barker is the best bed for you as the cover is waterproof, removable, and machine washable.

Although the top 2-inch comfort foam is made to imitate your dog’s contours to ease the pressure, the bottom 2-inch support foam may be too firm for small dogs. For that reason, this best bed is better for large breed dogs like Great Danes, with the weight to match.

The only downside of this crate pad is that despite the price, it is NOT chew-proof. So, if your dog is a smarty pants that’s always looking to make a mess of anything he can fit into his mouth, then this is not the best bed for you.

Why you should buy it

  • Has comfort foam and support foam, making it perfect for orthopedic purposes
  • Has a waterproof, removable, and washable cover
  • Made in dimensions that make it one of the best dog beds 2019
Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed - Best Dog Crate Pad

High quality, offers the best support for your dog without losing its firmness over time

Barkbox Orthopedic Dog Bed

We all want to give our best friends the best doggy beds around. However, we can’t all afford to splurge over a hundred dollars on the best dog crate bed. Lucky for you, we have an alternative option that works just as well as the Big Barker, but at approximately half the price for the biggest size.

While the BarkBox orthopedic best bed costs less than the Big Barker, it offers you nearly the same functionality as the more expensive best dog crate bed. Some people have even said that they prefer the BarkBox as it leaves them some money to buy a new bed in the future.

So, what do you get with the BarkBox range of best dog crate beds? The BarkBox combines memory foam and gel foam to offer your pup premium ergonomic support. The foam makes this dog bed ideal for oldies that might be suffering from joint aches and hip dysplasia, and it provides your pooch with a soft place on which to lay his body.

The bed comes with stylish, waterproof fabric that your dog will love and is washable so you can keep it pristine for your ball of fur. With contrasting side fabrics, this best dog crate bed adds some style to your room and is ideal for lounging, and on top of all that, the BarkBox comes with an excellent one-year warranty.

Whether your dog spread-eagles, sprawls, or curls up on his favorite dog bed, the BarkBox is made by dog people with your dog’s comfort in mind.

Why you should buy it:

  • Memory foam and gel foam set your dog up for luxury nights and days
  • One-year warranty and excellent customer service if you are not happy with the product
  • Affordable and comes in a variety of sizes
Barkbox Orthopedic Dog Bed

It offers you nearly the same functionality as the more expensive best dog crate bed

Casper Dog Bed – An Excellent All-rounder

If you are a dog parent, you know by now that well over half of your pup’s life will be spent sleeping. Heck! Sleep might be the only thing your pooch is good at aside from giving you some tender loving care without fail! With that in mind, giving your dog the most comfortable place to sleep is a no-brainer.

The best dog beds 2019 relieve your pooch’s stress and are gentle on pressure points to afford your dog utmost comfort. Casper is widely known to manufacture some of the best mattresses in the industry, with enough bells and whistles to last you a lifetime.

The Casper dog bed follows the same principles that the company employs with its human mattresses. However, the dog bed is optimized for Fido with a combination of memory foam (to relieve pressure) and support foam (to be a barrier between your pooch and hard surfaces).

Dogs love digging, and the Casper dog bed accommodates this by adding excess material to allow your pooch to paw around as he would on dirt to find the best position.

If your pup is the nervous type or likes to squeeze into tight spaces, the supportive foam on the Casper best bed creates a barrier around the bed for your pooch to seek refuge when he is anxious.

The dog bed comes with a removable cover with hidden zippers, which makes it easy to remove and clean. While Casper claims that most dogs will have a hard time chewing through its best dog beds 2019, we would take that with a grain of salt!

So, if you are looking for one of the comfiest dog beds, we reckon that you should go ahead and buy it if you can afford itit’s worth the money. However, if you want the best chew proof dog bed, the K9 Ballistics or the Kuranda all-aluminum dog beds are your best bets.

Why you should buy it:

  • Plush foam and supportive foam for your pup to snuggle into or lay his head on
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Has extra material to mimic dirt for dogs that like digging
Casper Dog Bed - An Excellent All-rounder

Is optimized for Fido with a combination of memory foam (to relieve pressure) and support foam

Big Barker 4” Dog Bed With A Pillow – Premium

With a 10-year guarantee that the foam on the premium range of best beds from Big Barker will retain 90% form, you can be confident that this one will last you ages if your dog is well-mannered. Big Barker even goes as far as guaranteeing your money back if that guarantee falls through. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

Nevertheless, this dog bed doesn’t come cheap, but it doesn’t compromise on quality either. The American-made foam on this range of beds is therapeutic, so your dog has a comfy place to lie on for a long time.

Each of these dog beds is hand made by master craftsmen and women who boast artisan furniture-manufacturing experience. It is easy to clean and comes with a plush microfiber cover that is soft to touch and that your dog will love snuggling on.

This particular dog bed has a 4” thick therapeutic foam, making it a perfect surface for small and medium dogs. For the Great Danes and German Shepherds, there is a 7” version that is optimized for large breed dogs.

The cherry on top is the pillow support that comes inbuilt in a seamless foam structure, so your dog has head support as he lies down. With the Big Barker premium therapeutic dog bed, you don’t have to worry about gases and chemical smells that irritate you or your dog.

To match your style and complement your home décor, this best dog bed comes in khaki, charcoal gray, chocolate, or burgundy-colored removable covers.

Why you should buy it:

  • Therapeutic foam offers excellent support and comfort
  • 10-year 90% foam structure retention with a money-back guarantee
  • Easy to clean with premium design and style
Big Barker 4” Dog Bed With A Pillow

Has a 4” thick therapeutic foam, making it a perfect surface for small and medium dogs

Milliard Quilted Padded Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Milliard quilted orthopedic dog bed offers excellent support for your pooch, thanks to a durable egg-crate luxury foam. The foam provides your pup with world-class comfort and ultimate support, with pillow layering that enables your dog to relax in style and luxury.

The outer cover comes with a zipper, which makes it easy to take off, and it is machine washable so you can clean it conveniently when you need to.

The unique foam structure makes the Milliard perfect for old dogs that are suffering from diseases, such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other skeletal problems.

The cover boasts a lush, warm top, with the quilted design creating a cozy environment for your dog to relax. The bottom of this best dog bed sports a non-slip base with rubber grips, making it one of the safest dog beds on our list.

The Wheeler also doubles up as one of the best dog crate beds available today and is excellent for crate sizes ranging from 36 inches to 48 inches.

If you are worried about one of those dog beds that are full of toxic gases and chemicals that make your dog tear up in discomfort, then worry not. The Milliard is free of such toxins, guaranteeing you the utmost comfort for your furry friend.

The Milliard is affordable and functional, but it is not the hardiest dog bed out there. So, if your dog is a chewer or scratcher, this Milliard quilted dog bed has a long way to go. However, if your pooch is cool and collected, then the Milliard is an ideal option.

Why you should buy it:

  • Egg crate design for extreme comfort for your pooch
  • Machine washable cover to keep the bed clean
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom for better safety
Milliard Quilted Padded Orthopedic Dog Bed

With durable egg-crate luxury foam that offers excellent support for your pooch

Do all dog’s chew on their beds or furniture?

No, not all dogs are chewers. There are several reasons why your dog might be chewing or gnawing on his bed or your furniture. Some of the reasons include anxiety, boredom, and lack of exercise.

If your dog is nesting or nervous, he might look for something to chew. Separation anxiety is also another reason why your dog might be chewing on things. However, some dogs are natural chewers and don’t need any stimuli to go to town on your furniture or their beds.

Most dogs like chewing and scratching through stuff, so it is essential that you buy them toys, beds, and even harnesses that will last through all the chewing. However, are there really chew proof beds in the market?

The truth is relative. There are manufacturers with dog beds that are sturdy enough to withstand chewing and gnawing from most dogs. However, it depends on how big and strong your dog is. If dog beds were made to be entirely chew proof, they would be too hard to offer any comfort, and that would beat the purpose.

Nevertheless, some beds feature an ingenious design and build that discourage chewing. Some even offer high-quality chew proof materials where it matters mostlike on the edges of a bed. Even then, how do you choose the best dog bed for your pooch?

Factors to consider when choosing a dog bed

Dogs sleep nearly half of their lifetime, and that’s why they need all the comfort they can get when catching some shuteye.

Sleeping position: The number of dog beds available is overwhelming for any dog parent. One of the factors to consider when choosing the best dog bed for your pooch is his sleeping posture. Does he lie on his back or on his tummy? Is he stretched out or curled up?

Dogs that sprawl when sleeping or relaxing take up more space and thus require bigger beds. Curlers don’t need that much bed space as their sleeping position is more conservative.

Fact: Did you know that curlers adopt a curling position to retain warmth, save body heat, and protect their vital organs against predators?

Then, there are leaners. This type of dog supports his head on something as he lies down to relax or sleep. For this type of dog, getting one of the best dog beds with a bolster offers the support he needs to rest and relax in comfort.

Size: As you venture out to find the best bed for your dog, take some time and take your pooch’s measurements. The last thing you want is to choose the wrong bed sizeyou are better off buying a bigger bed rather than buying a smaller one and having to purchase another one or struggle to ship it back.

Even if your dog sleeps in a curled position, buying a bed big enough for him to stretch out on saves you the headache of purchasing another bed when your pet decides that he likes sprawling out more. To measure your dog size, start at the nose to the tip of the tail and from the shoulder to the bottom of the paw.

Pro tip: Add 6 to 12 inches on the final measurements to make sure the bed is big enough for your dog.

Upholstery: Another primary consideration when buying a dog bed is the fabric that covers the dog mattress. Is the bedding washable? The best materials are waterproof and do not attract or retain dirt or debris.

For fabrics that get dirty, you want to have the ability to take them off and wash them, even to kill mites and fleas. Materials can also harbor saliva and bacteria, so getting a bed with anti-bacterial materials is essential.

When choosing upholstery, you should also consider the state of your dog. If your dog is a messy type, you need a fabric that you can easily clean and maintain. If your dog is old or sick, with complications like incontinence, it’s essential that you get the easiest material to spot clean.

Foam: This is paws down (pun intended) the essential factor for any pooch parent looking for the best dog beds. There are a variety of dog bed fillings for you to choose from. These include foam shreds and pellets, among other soft innards from different manufacturers.

If you want a cheap dog bed, then you should buy one of those dog beds with these kinds of fillings. However, you will have to make do with the fast deterioration of the padding, and you will have problems trying to clean your dog’s bed. Pellets tend to shift, lose their firmness, and shrink, losing their comfort along the way.

On the other hand, the best dog beds are pricier, but they come with memory foam, gel foam, and a layer of support foam for optimal dog comfort. Given that the best dog beds are made from a single mass of foam, they last longer and are more comfortable.

Also, foam beds sport a removable and washable cover, making them easier to maintain for long periods. The covers on foam beds also boast anti-bacterial properties and are waterproof.

As you buy your dog bed, it’s also imperative that you get the right foam for them. Different manufacturers make their dog beds with different-sized foam, depending on the dog breed. By breed, we mean either small or giant breed dogs.

If you have a Great Dane, the foam on your dog’s bed should be firmer and thicker than if you have a pug or a Chihuahua.

Types: You can also choose your dog’s bed from any of the different shapes and sizes available. There are round, oval, and rectangular dog beds. Just because you are buying a dog bed for your pooch, it doesn’t mean it has to be drab.

Round and oval beds are great for curlers as your pooch can curl up along the contours of the bed. For sprawlers and dogs that tend to lie flat, regular rectangular or square mattresses are better as they offer extra square footage for your dog to enjoy.

You could also opt to buy your dog several different types of beds and try them out to see which works best and which your pet prefers. For instance, elevated beds are the most chew proof and are versatile enough to double up as outdoor beds.

Crate pads, on the other hand, are best when used inside dog crates to cushion your furry friend from the plastic or metal flooring of the crate.

Special need dog beds: Manufacturers make these beds for dogs that have injuries or that are in their old age. Common dog ailments like joint pains and hip dysplasia call for specialized care and treatment. Part of that regimen to keep your dog comfortable is to buy him an orthopedic bed that is made with memory foam.

If your dog needs extra support, getting him one of those beds that have a pillow will go a long way to improve his comfort. When dogs are nervous, they become unpredictable and might start misbehaving.

If your dog is the shy or nervous type, you’ll need to invest in a particular kind of bed. Some beds are made like an igloo to give your pooch the sensation of security as he can hide away in a place of comfort.

Where to put your dog’s bed

Before we talk about where you will put your dog’s bed, how much room do you have in your home? That’s something else you need to keep in mind while shopping for a dog bed. However, assuming you have enough room, we suggest you have a dog bed at two places in your home.

The first place is the family room. A casual lounging dog bed like the Milliard would be ideal for living rooms. This gives your dog a cozy place to hang out in when the whole family is spending time together in the den or the living room.

The second place you should have a dog bed is anywhere else around your home where your pooch can have some alone time. This should be a room that does not have a lot of foot trafficsomewhere with minimal disturbance where your pooch can snooze away in peace.

Let your sleeping pooch lie

Given the amount of time you pooch spends sleeping, why not let your pooch lie in comfort? Hopefully, this guide will help you get the right bed for your dog. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all dog bed as all dogs are different, and with dogs being man’s best friend, they deserve nothing short of the best!

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