Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

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Which is the best dog food for sensitive stomach? If you are wondering the same, you are not alone. Many other dog parents keep asking the same question. In this post, we will list the best dog food for sensitive stomach and skin.

What are the signs and symptoms of food sensitivity in dogs?

When your dog develops food sensitivity, he would exhibit certain abnormal behaviors. As a responsible pet parent, it is crucial that you be able to notice these behavioral changes. Still, not all of the signs are as noticeable or recognizable as those resulting from food allergies and sensitivities.

The Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

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Halo Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Supplement
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Nutro Wholesome Essentials
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Nulo Puppy And Adult Dog Food
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Dave’s Easy-to-digest Dog Food
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  • Calms the stomach during times of transition.
  • Wheat gluten-free dog food
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Instinct L.I.D Diet Wet Dog Food
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So, before we get into our list of best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs, let’s look at the signs and symptoms that should tell you that something is wrong.

One major sign of food sensitivity that your dog will exhibit is diarrhea. Often, this happens if there has been a change in diet. Other than full-blown diarrhea, your dog might also poop softer stool than normal.

If you notice diarrhea or your dog’s stool softening over two days without clearing, it is time to visit your vet or change your dog’s diet.

Your dog might also turn up his nose (showing a loss in his appetite) when you feed him a particular type of food. We love our furry friends because they are smart. They can tell when a certain type of food doesn’t sit well with their tummy, and they will reject it.

Another sign of an allergy or food intolerance is hyposalivation. Although dogs spend 80% of their time with their mouths open and tongue hanging out, too much saliva is a sign of trouble brewing. If you notice your dog salivating more than normal, monitor him more closely, and visit a vet immediately you notice it worsening.

Like in the case of humans, bloody dog stool should also raise your alarm bells and should be a sign that it is time to visit a vet. Additional signs of food allergies or intolerance include nausea, vomiting, lack of energy after feeding, excess gas, or eating grass (a sign of queasiness or bloating).

Now that you know what to look out for, here is a list of the best dog foods for dogs with food allergies and food intolerance.


Royal Canin K9 Dry Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach – Low Fat

While some dogs develop food sensitivities and allergies in their lives, some also require better care. Part of better care might include helping your dog lose a few pounds. If you feel like your dog has put on too much weight, or your vet has told you that your pup is at risk of being obese, you need to change his routine.

You can take your pooch out to the park more or take him along with you for your morning run. You can even take your pooch for a hike once in a while. While that might work, sometimes, you need to overhaul your feeding patterns, too. However, what do you feed your dog to help him lose weight without starving him?

A good option is feeding your dog the best dog food for its sensitive stomach. Not only are the best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs gentle on your dog’s tummy, but they also have fewer ingredients, which lower the risk of exacerbating your dog’s weight. The Royal Canin K9 bag of dry dog food is not only the best dog food for sensitive stomach, but the formulation is also low in fat.

The ingredients include chicken and rice, with a single serving boasting 20% protein, a maximum of 8.5% fat content, and 3.6% fiber to keep your dog’s fat intake low. According to vets, the Royal Canin K9 low-fat dog food is also ideal for dogs with pancreatitis.

This bag of Royal Canin has a blend of easily digestible proteins and complex carbs that provide optimal energy and low fat for dogs looking to cut weight.

Royal Canin K9 Dry Low-fatLow in fat, has fewer ingredients, which lower the risk of exacerbating your dog’s weight 

Halo Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Supplement

A fur baby with a sensitive stomach can burn a hole through your wallet as you try to find the best dog food choice. Wet food is often better than dry food when your dog has digestion problems, but it is pricier and might not be affordable for most dog owners.

You can feed your dog all the dog food you want and switch between different brands of best dog food for sensitive stomach without success. However, this practice can overwhelm you, tire you, and you cost more, and your dog might suffer for a long time before you get the best brand.

So, what do you do when all the best dog food don’t seem to be right for your pooch? Why not get a sensitive stomach supplement instead? Most dog owners only feed their dogs kibble or canned food as bought from the store. However, have you ever thought of supplementing your dog’s diet?

If you haven’t, it is about time you do. This little pouch of Halo Holistic boasts a whole food supplement formulation for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Instead of switching to a punitively expensive best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs, why not turn their regular kibble to the best dog for sensitive stomach and skin?

With the Halo Holistic food supplement, you only need to sprinkle the powder over your dog’s kibble or wet food and watch his sensitivities fade away. The powder rids your dog of constipation, reduces flatulence and bloating, and softens his stool. It boosts digestive health, thanks to a mix of natural whole food supplements, namely, sweet potato, coconut, and turmeric.

You can sprinkle the powder over any food your give your dog with a sensitive stomach, but you can also feed it to your dog even if his food is already the best dog food for sensitive stomach. The supplement will help your dog get his daily dose of essential nutrients with every bowl of kibble.

Halo Sensitive Stomach Dog Food SupplementBoasts a whole food supplement formulation for dogs with sensitive stomachs 

Canidae Dry Dog Food For All Stages

Buying the best dog food for sensitive stomach if you have a food-sensitive German Shepherd puppy is one thing, but what happens when you have a pack of different dog breeds at different life stages that are all picky eaters or have sensitive stomachs? Do you buy a different bag of dog food for every stage of life? Do you buy a breed-specific bag, or is there a better option?

Multiple-breed households often struggle to find the best dog food for their different dogs. It can be a costly affair, and more so when your dogs might be “stealing” dinner from each other. So, what do you do to ensure your entire pack gets optimal nutrition all around?

This bag of Canidae all-stage kibble is ideal for Chihuahuas, mastiffs, puppies, and senior dogs of any breed. The kibble is also great, regardless of your dog’s life stage, transitioning him from one life stage to the next seamlessly. The nutrient-dense formula ensures every dog that partakes gets the best nutrition possible.

To monitor your dog’s reaction to certain ingredients better, the Canidae all-size kibble comes in two flavors with a single protein source. The flavors available include lamb meal and chicken meal, each mixed with rice as a source of simple carbohydrates.

To support better bone and joint health in large breed dogs, Canidae fortifies the kibble with chondroitin and glucosamine. The company also adds Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, probiotics, and fruits to provide your dog with antioxidants, and the recipe is free of corn, wheat, and soy.

Canidae Dry Dog FoodIs ideal for Chihuahuas, mastiffs, puppies, and senior dogs of any breed 

Nutro Wholesome Essentials

There are special dog foods with a formula, recipe, and ingredient list focusing on providing peak nutrition for dogs with sensitive stomachs. However, these dog foods cost more than regular dog foods that are not specifically made for dogs with sensitivities.

Then there are those dog foods that cost approximately the same as regular dog foods but have more perks than their counterparts. If you are looking for an affordable bag of best dog food for sensitive stomach and skin that won’t break your bank, look no further.

Nutro’s wholesome essentials boast a nutrient-rich ingredient list that makes the kibble perfect for all dogs with or without sensitivities. If you have several dogs that can eat any food and one or two with a sensitive tummy, the Nutro wholesome essentials high-quality ingredients are just what you need to feed your dogs.

With a bag of Nutro kibble, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a different bag of food for your pooch with a sensitive tummy. You can serve all your dogs the same bag of food and not worry about their stomach issues.

The food sports a single source of protein with a choice of lamb or chicken. The company also produces a small breed puppy food and a large breed puppy food with different formulations to suit the breed size.

The energy source in the food comes from a blend of brown rice and sweet potatoes with added vitamins and minerals. The manufacturer fortifies this bag of Nutro kibble with DHA to boost growth and proper development, Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for skin and coat health, and calcium to boost bone and teeth health.

Nutro Wholesome EssentialsAn affordable bag of best dog food for sensitive stomach and skin that won’t break your bank 

Nutro Limited Ingredient Dry Adult Dog Food

The best way to reduce the chances of your dog developing food sensitivities or allergies is by avoiding too many ingredients in the dog food you choose. The fewer the ingredients in your dog’s food, the gentler it is on your dog’s tummy. The best dog food should have a single source of protein.

This bag of Nutro limited ingredient dry dog food features real lamb and lamb meal as the sources of proteins. Additional flavors include duck, salmon, or venison, and the company produces a lamb-flavored large breed dog food version.

Nutro uses only 10 key ingredients and natural flavors to make the food more palatable. The brand also fortifies the kibble with vitamins, minerals, and different nutrients to ensure your adult dog gets the best nutrition. The recipe is grain-free, without the common ingredients (corn, wheat, wheat gluten, soy, and dairy) known to cause sensitivities and allergies.

Nutro also uses a special blend of supplements that guarantees your dog a soft and shiny coat. The recipe has all-natural ingredients for a holistic and wholesome meal, with potato or lentils to add essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for a well-balanced diet.

As one user notes, the food helped his dog’s hair grow and has reduced the dog’s scratching and itching. So, if your puppy has itchy skin, food sensitivities, or allergies, the Nutro limited ingredient bag of kibble is one of the best dog food choices.

Nutro Limited Ingredient Dry Adult Dog FoodFeatures real lamb and lamb meal as the sources of proteins 

Nulo Puppy And Adult Dog Food


Dogs are built for agility and athleticism. They need the best dog food if they are to live up to their full potential. With the Nulo limited bag of kibble, you can rest easy knowing that your pup is getting the best nutrition. The Nulo bag of kibble is made to supply your dog with the energy he needs to play, run, and jump all day long.

Turkey tops the ingredient list and is the only protein source in the kibble. The food is free of potential allergens like potato, tapioca, chicken, eggs, corn, wheat, or gluten. Also, you will not find any artificial flavors or preservatives in the food.

While the company limits the ingredient list, it does not limit the nutritional value. The kibble has one of the highest meat levels in the industry and a lower carbohydrate count, enabling your dog to build a leaner body. To boost gut health, Nulo fortifies the kibble by adding GanedenBC, a probiotic that improves digestion.

The bag of kibble is available with turkey or salmon as the only source of protein and number one ingredient. The company makes both flavors to appeal to your dog’s instinct so he can gobble it up and enjoy it without a problem.

Nulo Puppy And Adult Dog FoodIs made to supply your dog with the energy he needs to play, run, and jump all day long 

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin

Unlike most other best dog foods for sensitive stomach and skin, Purina specifically makes this bag of Purina Pro Plan kibble for dogs with sensitive stomachs and skin. From the word “go,” you can tell that it is the best dog food for sensitive stomach and skin.

For starters, Purina makes it clear by mentioning it near the bottom of the pack on a pink background that any dog parent will see. The company makes the recipe with a single source of protein with a choice between lamb and salmon, both mixed with rice to provide your dog with the carbohydrates and energy he needs.

The kibble has salmon as a source of a nutritionally dense protein and amino acids, oatmeal, and rice for easily digestible carbohydrates. Prebiotics boost digestive health and enhance your dog’s immune system by nourishing the good bacteria in your pet’s guts. The lack of artificial colors and additives makes the Purina Pro Plan the best dog food for sensitive stomach and skin.

The food has over 26% protein content, 16% fats, 4% fiber, and maximum water content of 12%. The recipe also includes a mix of zinc and fish oil to provide your pooch with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

According to the user reviews from dog parents and veterinarians, consistently feeding your pup on Purina’s best dog food for sensitive stomach and skin ensures his coat and skin are healthy and shiny.

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive SkinIncludes a mix of zinc and fish oil to provide your pooch with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids 

IAMS Proactive Health Dog Food

Visit any dog food store or check out different online reviews and you notice that the best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs is expensive. However, there are affordable dry dog foods made especially for dogs with grain sensitivities. IAMS proactive health dry dog food is one of those affordably priced hypoallergenic dog foods.

The recipe includes real recognizable ingredients with real chicken as the #1 and only protein source. IAMS also comes with real peas, and for additional nutrition from vitamins and minerals, the food has a blend of veggies and fruits.

Grains can trigger allergic reactions in some dogs, and most grains have negligible nutritional value in a dog’s diet. Food sensitivities are also often a result of the over-consumption of grains in dog food. IAMS make this food with no grains to make sure your dog’s sensitive tummy does not flare up. Less or lack of grains also keeps your dog from adding excess weight.

IAMS proactive gets a spot on this list of the best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs, thanks to the special recipe. The formulation boasts 24% protein, 13% fat, and 4% fiber content, and, unlike most dog foods, the design of the kibble helps reduce plaque build-up by scrubbing your pet’s teeth with each bite.

IAMS Proactive Health Dog FoodIs one of those affordably priced hypoallergenic dog foods 

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food


Depending on who you ask, wet dog food is the best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It is easier to eat for all dog types, from puppies that have not yet grown strong teeth to senior dogs that have already lost some teeth.

This pack of Hill’s Science Diet wet dog food comes in a pack of a dozen 12.8 oz. cans of your flavor of choice. Flavors include turkey and rice, chicken and vegetables, and salmon and vegetables. These make real animal-based proteins the main ingredient, and some, like turkey and salmon, rarely cause any sensitivities or allergies.

Hill’s Science Diet boosts the nutritional content of this best wet dog food by adding fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables have a high vitamin and mineral profile that boosts your dog’s immune system while the mild proteins help your pooch build lean, strong muscles.

Some users note that this wet dog food helps their dogs reduce any itches and scratches and makes their pets’ skin healthy and the coat smooth and gleaming.

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog FoodComes in a pack of a dozen 12.8 oz. cans of your flavor of choice 

Dave’s Easy-to-digest Dog Food

While Dave’s brand of dog food might not be the most popular, it is one of the few wet dog foods in the market made for dogs with sensitive stomachs. They make the flavor and taste so your dog will love munching on the food, with real chicken meat as the main ingredient. The food features a mix of vitamins and minerals to make sure your pup gets his daily dose of nutrients.

According to the company, Dave’s delicate dinner wet dog food is made for dogs prone to stomach upsets. The diet is simplified and is free of popular allergens, such as wheat, and wheat gluten.

If you have been switching foods trying to find a substitute that your dog will enjoy without suffering from a bad tummy, consider getting a pack of Dave’s. One user notes that after searching for hypoallergenic dog food for his aging Chihuahua mix, only Dave’s worked for his dog’s sensitive GI system.

The high chicken content makes Dave’s ideal for picky eaters as the flavor is heavenly. Fiber and simple carbs come from the mix of rice, which also acts as your dog’s energy source on those active days.

Dave’s Easy-to-digest Dog FoodIs simplified and is free of popular allergens, such as wheat, and wheat gluten 

Instinct L.I.D Diet Wet Dog Food

Now here is something you don’t see every day. This can of Instinct wet dog food features a single real animal protein: rabbit. Dogs, being descendants of wolves, would probably hunt rabbits if they were still in the wild. They are easier to catch than bigger prey and are immensely nutritious.

So, when you have wet dog food with a protein that would normally be the target prey if dogs were still wild, it must be good. Using a single protein also makes this can of Instinct dog food a great substitute for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

The food is grain-free and has no by-product meals, dairy, or poultry by-products. Other than the single protein in the form of rabbit meat, Instinct has also reduced the additional ingredients. All the ingredients are whole, and the manufacturer uses no filler content to add bulk.

The nutrient-dense formulation in the duck or rabbit variant means that your dog won’t eat as much as he would with a chicken formula. The food causes no stomach distress as it has fewer fats and fewer ingredients so your dog can digest it better.

If rabbit is not your thing, you can opt for lamb or turkey, which is equally good. The food comes in a case of twelve 5.5 oz. or six 13.2 oz. cans.

Instinct L.I.D Diet Wet Dog FoodIs grain-free and has no by-product meals, dairy, or poultry by-products 

Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food

Ask any dog parent or veterinarian what you should feed your dog if he has a sensitive stomach, and the answer will probably be the same. The best dog food for allergies or food sensitivities is one that has an ingredient list you can count on one hand.

The Blue basics can of wet dog food is the food you need to feed your canine. The food is free of grains, which as you know by now, cause most food sensitivities and allergies. Sometimes, rather than choose a dog food by looking at what is inside, look at what is missing.

Here, corn, soy, wheat, dairy, and poultry by-products are nowhere to be found, which is a bonus. What you will find is one meat product, either turkey, duck, lamb, or salmon, and any of these options has mild proteins that are nutrient dense and are not known to cause any allergies.

You will also find potatoes as an energy and carbohydrate source and a premium blend of fatty acids (Omega-3 and 6), which not only boost your dog’s immunity but also maintain the sheen and health of the coat and skin.

Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Wet Dog FoodIs free of grains that cause most food sensitivities and allergies 

Signing off

Food intolerance causes your dog discomfort and is a recipe for further health complications. To help your dog regain his normal health, you only need to choose the best hypoallergenic foods for him. As you can see above, there are many food choices for you to choose from.

If your dog is grain intolerant, there are many grain-free dry and wet dog food alternatives. If your pet has an intolerance for a certain protein, you have a choice of different proteins from duck and venison to rabbit and salmon.

When a dog develops stomach upset from the food he consumes, the first cause of action to take is to give him an easily digestible food. More importantly, give his digestive tract a break by only providing water for up to 24 hours. After the 24 hours, feed him on bland food, like Dave’s above.

If you see an improvement in his stomach’s response, add more ingredients after every two or three days to help you determine the ingredient causing his food intolerance. A good bland ingredient you can start with is brown rice. You can then follow that up in two days with white rice, chicken, or beef.

Once your dog’s stomach is no longer upset, add small quantities of the food you suspect that might be causing the sensitivity. Eventually, you will be able to tell which ingredient to steer clear of moving forward.

As we finish, remember that the best hypoallergenic dog food should have few or no grains, no wheat, no gluten, and no artificial preservatives. Moreover, the best dog food for dogs with sensitivities has a shorter list of ingredients, which limits the potential allergens accessible to your dog.



Amanda Wilson
A licensed veterinarian and a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Amanda Wilson grew up in a family of biologists and veterinarians from her hometown of Boston, MA. Amanda used to work in an animal research facility in California. However, she had a change of heart after being assigned temporarily to support a big state animal shelter and seeing the conditions of the dogs admitted. She felt that they deserve more love and that first-time pet parents should be well-informed about all aspects of pet parenthood—even the not-so-great ones.

Currently practicing at her own clinic in another city, Amanda lives with her husband and son, as well as their family dog—a Dalmatian named Tiny. Aside from attending to the needs of her fur-bulous clients, she also enjoys teaching young children about responsible pet parenting.