The Best Dog Food Grain Free Recipes

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Eating Paleo or going grain free is not a new concept, but what are the actual benefits of doing so? We won’t be focusing on us but on our beloved pets. Traditionally your dogs were eating raw, protein-rich meals and wouldn’t be dancing in the fields of dandelions eating grass. The problem arises around World War 2 when we started mass producing dog kibble. In order to cut the prices down, fillers like wheat, barley, and corn were added to dog foods. Even today, this practice remains widespread. And for that reason, we will be reviewing the best brands of grain free dog food.

But why should this be a cause for concern? The problem lies in the dog’s digestive system and how they break down foods. Complex carbs and grains can’t be broken down in the canines digestive system, which means they remain undigested. Doing this over long periods of time can cause damage to the lining of the dog’s digestive system resulting in many disorders. Some of them are various food allergies, leaky gut, bowel inflammation, and various sensitivities.

Obviously, we want to avoid this. Not only should we be striving to provide excellent food to our pets, but we should be cautious about what exactly is in the bad food so that we could avoid it. That is why in this article we will be exploring the best dog food grain free solutions so that your dog doesn’t venture to the wrong path. We should mention that before you drastically change your dog’s diet, please consult with your veterinarian first. Not to mention you should check your pockets, and to that end, we put extra care to pick the best grain free dog food for the money.

The Best Dog Food Grain Free Recipes

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First, we need to differentiate between grain–free and gluten–free. In this article, we will be exploring the best grain–free dog food. Grain–free, are all foods that do not contain grain. Gluten-free food doesn’t contain gluten but may contain grain. Or in other words, grain–free food is always gluten-free, but gluten-free is not always grain–free.

With that out of the way, we should focus on whether your dog needs Gluten-free or grain free diet control. There is a high chance that your dog doesn’t actually require a gluten-free diet and that is why we’re going to explore why you should think about it in the long run. And to make the whole endeavor economically viable, we will be looking into the best grain free dog food for the money.

One of the most common reasons why pet owners choose the best dog food grain free for their dogs is a belief that this choice will prevent their pets from getting allergies. This is somewhat true, especially for dogs that are actually allergic to grain or gluten and should be consuming this food.

If your dog is allergic to grains a green free diet is a suitable choice. One of the many allergic reactions that can be seen is inflamed skin, hotspots, itchiness, excessive hair loss. In this case, the list below will show you what are the current best grain free dog products on the market.

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein

Taste of the wild is a dog food that is completely owned by two families. They are in the US pet food manufacturer and have plans located in many states including California Missouri and South Carolina. The company was always a family owned enterprise and still remains to be so. They are known as some of the best dog food grain free manufacturers.

Their first appearance in the market was back in 2007 because they felt the need to fill in the market gap in the fast food industry. They are providing high protein and green free food with excellent ingredients.

The iconic feature of their recipes is the raw, grain-free formula and that it is based on what dogs eat in the wild. Their aim is to bring your dog closer to its ancestral feeding grounds. With this, they emphasize that the food will taste better for your dog and increase their energy and immune system. It is no wonder why they are among the best dog food manufacturers,  as your ancestral dogs ate primarily grain-free.

One last thing before we get into the review of the actual recipe is to look over to the recall history for the company. As far as we could tell the company had a large recall in May 2012, when many of their products including the Taste of the Wild were pulled from the shelves because of the salmonella outbreak in one of their South Carolina factories. Although, they still remain one of the best dog food manufacturers.

Below is the recipe review, you will be able to see why did we list this product as the best dog food solution for your pet. And we are certain that in the majority of cases taste of the wild will be able to assist your dog and increase his performance, while still providing him with a grain free solution.

In order to assess the quality of the product, first, we must look into the label and decipher the ingredient quality. These are the top ingredients:

Buffalo – This ingredient is very popular and commonly found in raw food diets. If we compare traditional meat-based ingredients buffalo meat is much leaner and has a higher protein content then let’s say chicken or commercial beef. Besides being protein-rich and packing other health benefits, it is also full in flavor which will make the whole recipe taste better.

Lamb meal – Coming at the second-place, lab the meal is red meat which is full of nutritional benefits. It is full of think which is necessary for the dog’s immune system. It also contains B complex vitamins which are essential for nervous functions. And to top it all, it is packed with protein and iron.

Chicken Meal –  Another protein-rich energy source that doesn’t add too many calories to the recipe. It boosts the healthy skin and improves the coat quality because it has omega 6 fatty acids, and because of glucosamine, it will also improve bone health.

Sweet potatoes –  Besides being a treat, and satisfying your dog’s sweet tooth, it also provides multiple health benefits. Being rich in fiber, it improves the healthy bowel movements and with its rich supply of beta-carotene it also significantly reduces the risk of some types of cancer.

Peas – While peas also contain proteins, their real power lies in being a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Because of this rich content, they decrease the risk of heart diseases and improve the health of blood vessels. Niacin helps in bad cholesterol reduction and high fiber content is increasing the bowel health of your dog. In summary, it contains a lot of valuable nuggets that will increase your dog’s performance overall.

Potatoes – While this recipe already contains sweet potatoes also contains regular white potatoes. They are full of vitamins and minerals such as manganese and phosphorous and also contain a handful of antioxidants. The white potato in itself is not a bad food for your dog, however, depending on certain sensitivities, you might want to avoid recipes with this kind of content.

Canola oil – This oil is quite controversial. Depending on your research you will find a lot of people on both sides of the coin. In short, we believe that if you’re looking for truly healthy options like olive oil or fish oil this ingredient is of lower quality, however that doesn’t mean that it’s inherently bad and toxic for your dog. Canola oil contains Omega six and three fatty acids, as well as a healthy dose of flat. It also has vitamins E and K which are essential for heart health.

Taste of the Wild – Summary

Taste of the Wild is truly a meat feast and one of the best dog food grain free recipes. It contains a mixture of high-quality meat ingredients, which provide the absolutely necessary building blocks for your dog’s health. Within the whole mixture, we can find various ingredients that are boosting the mineral and antioxidant levels that further enhance your dog’s health. Currently, it is considered to be one of the best grain free dog food for the money currently on the market.

If we were looking only at the ingredients, we would be very happy. However, we should take into account what was previously mentioned. Back in 2012, they did have a big recall. This doesn’t mean that this will be a regular occurrence in the future, however, it is still worth mentioning. Since then they have included various different testing methods and now have a much more elaborate in the rigorous testing procedures that should ensure absolute high quality of the ingredients. This just shows that even if you have the best dog food grain free recipe, you still need rigorous testing procedures to ensure high quality.

Our only slight remark is regarding canola oil and potatoes. While not inherently bad, they could have used better ingredients that would provide even more nutritional value. When we take everything into account, we would definitely recommend this taste of the wild best dog food grain free. Looking also at the reviews of other people we can find that they have a huge customer base that is satisfied with the performance of this product. The best grain free dog food like Taste of the Wild is hard to be found, and we think only a few other recipes even come close. We have included the link where you can find reviews from other customers just like you in order to help you better understand if this recipe is suited for your dog and your situation.

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein

Provides high protein and green free food with excellent ingredients


AvoDerm Natural Grain Free

AvoDerm is a brand by a company named Breeder’s choice. They are located in Irwindale, California, and the company itself was founded by Harold Taylor back in 1947. This particular brand was launched back in 1982 because there was a huge need to help dogs who had skin and coat issues. You can look at this brand as a sort of specialized recipe which revolves around one thing in particular. Almost all of the recipes are centered around the avocado.

Well, it seems strange to include this weird ingredient, avocado is full of A, E and C vitamins, not to mention that it also contains ample supplies of potassium niacin and various fatty acids. When we take into account this high-quality ingredient, and also factor in that of what their products do not contain any kind of artificial preservatives, we are on track to finding a really high-quality recipe. This unique mixture and a long list of benefits put them on our best dog food grain free radar.

AvoDerm lays out a unique principle, “good health shows”. By this, they mean that not only will your dog to be healthy by eating these recipes, but you will also be seeing visible improvements in the skin and coat quality of your companion. Remember, this brand started as a special food to treat skin and coat issues in dogs. Because of that, it is natural that they wanted to improve how your dog looks and feels, and to that end, they decided to tackle the problem from the inside. In order to tackle the issue, they needed the best dog food grain free recipe. And so they have crafted this Natural Grain Free mixture which is one of the best grain free dog food products currently on the market.

One last thing before we get into the recipe itself: what is the recall history for AvoDerm and where is this food made?

– The food is made in the US. So you don’t have to worry about sketchy ingredients and various fillers coming from unknown sources. As an extra verification, you can also check the back and see the fine print which describes the origin of the ingredients.

-Regarding the recall history, we at Pupped are very satisfied. The reason behind it is that in their three-decade history they only had the one recall. Back in 2012, the FDA issued a recall due to potential salmonella poisoning. The recipe in question was “Natural lamb meal and brown rice adult dog food”. The recall itself was not targeting the whole line but just a certain batch.

But still, they remain one of the producers of best dog food grain free products. After reviewing this we are very confident that the recipe that we are going to suggest to you(which is not the one that was recalled) will be a perfect solution for your pet.

Without further ado let’s get into the ingredients and find out what is inside the following recipe. Top ingredients are:

Beef – Is a real protein kicker. This is a high-quality protein that contains all the essential amino acids needed for growth and maintenance. However, protein is not the only thing that can be found in beef. It is also rich in vitamins and various minerals that provide a full pallet of health benefits. Among other things, beef contains vitamin B-12, B6, zinc iron and phosphorus. While there are also other minerals they are only found in the lower amounts.

Beef Meal – Quite similar to the previous entry, this is just a concentrated beef. Meat meals such as this be a meal, are made by removing the water from the ingredient. Moisture levels are kept at around 10%, which means that most of the ingredient is pure protein. It is also rich in selenium, niacin. Both of these elements are very important for the normal functioning of the heart and body.

Peas – As previously viewed, these are highly nutritious and contain an ample supply of beneficial elements for your dog. They’re an excellent source of a, K, and B vitamins. Besides being rich in protein and other minerals similar to beef, these contain a high degree of natural fiber. The importance of fiber is a great one because it helps with the bowel movements of your dog resulting in fewer gut issues.

Pea Flour – The flower is an expensive substitute to regular flour, and also brings additional health benefits to the table. It is considered a logo like a chemic index version of your regular flour. This means that this flour will not cause a high spike in blood sugar levels after consumption.

Potatoes – Similar to the previous recipe, we also find potatoes in this one. We mentioned before that white potato may not be as great as sweet potato, however that doesn’t mean that it is devoid of nutritional elements. There are some antioxidants in potatoes, as well as some minerals and vitamins. The only crucial thing to watch for when considering recipes with potatoes is the food sensitivity that your dog might have.

Chicken Fat – This tree will not only improve the tastiness of the recipe but will also provide your dog with a natural source of Omega fatty acids. The reason why they incorporated chicken in this recipe is that fats are a necessary part of a balanced diet. If the amount of fat was low, your dog might be developing dry itchy skin. And just as a reminder, they aim to solve just those issues.

Dried Tomato Pomace – This ingredient not only contains an ample supply of fiber but is also an excellent source of amino acids. Antioxidants present in this ingredient will reduce the chance of radical souls spurting through the body and causing harm.

Avocado – And the star of our show, the avocado. As we mentioned, avocado provides a wide variety of nutrients such as lysine or vitamin B3. These elements are crucial in keeping the heart healthy and free from any kind of disease. Besides various minerals and vitamins, it is also super rich in protein content and amino acids. These are responsible for keeping the muscles in the body intact and promoting their growth. Similarly to peas, it also contains an ample supply of fiber which helps with bowel movements. And to top it off with vitamin E in different combinations of amino acids, it brings the dogs coat to life it makes it shine.

AvoDerm – Summary

In conclusion, this is a superb product packed with high-quality ingredients and the company itself has an excellent history. In short, we at Pupped are very satisfied with this product. Not only did they have only one recall so far, but it was also only for a small batch and for a certain recipe. This shows us that they really care about you and your companion, they care enough to deliver high-quality ingredients in their food and have rigorous testing procedures to ensure top-notch quality of their products. Now there should be no doubt in why have we picked this best dog food grain free recipe, and why do we consider it as one of the best.

When we look into the label, and when we see how much of these quality ingredients are listed there we get excited. It is a rarity nowadays to see such a dedicated and down-to-earth brand. To put forth all their effort and might in creating high-quality recipes on paper and following through with action is truly amazing. Because of that, we have included the link that will take you to the product page, where you will be able to see the reviews from other pet owners such as you. There you will certainly discover why we consider this the best grain free dog food recipe.

And in short this is the reason why we picked AvoDerm:

high-quality ingredients; rigorous testing procedures; health benefits that show; tasty snack.

AvoDerm Natural Grain Free

Has avocado as ingredient which gives potassium niacin and various fatty acids

American Journey Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Best grain free dog food for the money

Our next product comes from a brand named American journey. They are currently producing one of the top-rated recipes currently on the market and are known to use high-quality ingredients like salmon oil to increase the nutritional value of their products.

Over the years they have earned quite a good reputation, only because of the high-quality ingredients but because of the rigorous quality testing procedures that they have. What is interesting to note is that the American Journey brand is owned by Chewy which is currently one of the largest stores for pet food online. American journey dog food is Chewy’s attempt to not only be a retailer but also the producer of high-quality dog food. Their experience and knowledge of dog food, their integrated position to create the next best dog food recipe. They offer a wide variety of products specialized for different situations, and this diverse product line supports everything from small puppies to seniors. Most of their recipes, including the one that we will review today, are grain free. As for the best dog food grain free part, this recipe was almost tied with a couple of others. However, looking at the whole deal, the balance of quality and price for this one is superb.

The recipe that we are going to review contains chicken and sweet potato as the base ingredients. The reason for picking this particular recipe is because we feel that this one offers a superb high-quality protein base followed up with other different ingredients to create a balanced diet. Out of all three products in this review, this one is the best grain free dog food for the money. By being packed with wholesome fruits and vegetables, they ensured that your companion will be getting all the necessary antioxidants and fiber both of which are very important.

Let’s dig deeper into the label and find out just how good this recipe is. The top ingredients are:

Deboned Chicken – An excellent source of protein packed with omega six fatty acids will deliver superb results to your companion. Its primary use is being a main source of energy and sustaining healthy skin. While being deboned, this ingredient will still contain a certain dose of moisture meaning that not all its weight will be transferred into nutritional value.

Chicken Meal – Similarly to deboned chicken, the chicken meal is providing the same benefits except it comes in a protein-rich punch. As mentioned before, meat meals are dry and compact extracts of the meat with moisture levels at around 10%. While providing low-calorie count, it delivers unnecessary protein boost to your dog and other essential amino acids that promote health and amine building blocks for lean muscle.

Turkey Meal – Being another lean meat, turkey is another excellent source of protein. It is a highly digestible protein meaning that this is an excellent alternative for dogs who are sensitive to others such as beef. It is also rich in vitamin B6, B12, and zinc.

Peas – And this is our third recipe that contains peas. Much has been already said on this topic, but we’re just going to reiterate to key points. Peas are rich in vitamins and minerals, and besides offering obvious benefits from that they are also rich in fiber. With such a high dose of fiber, it will help regulate your dog’s bowel movements.

Sweet Potatoes – And for the last ingredient, for all those dogs who have a sweet tooth, the sweet potato. Yet another ingredient that is rich in fiber but also in better carotene. To provide similar benefits to peas, but also reduces the risk of certain types of cancer.

American Journey Dog Foods Summary

While being a relatively young contender, American journey dog food has managed to incorporate most of the best practices in the industry and to provide us with an opportunity for affordable high-quality fruit. With frequent discounts, and easy accessibility that has managed to offer a traditionally expensive recipe at a good price. Aside from being the best dog food grain free product, American Journey took extra care in ensuring the high-quality of their ingredients. In addition, they are the current best grain free dog food for the money.

When we also take into account that their recipes contain high-quality ingredients and no fillers or artificial preservatives we are on a path of finding a perfect dog food for your situation. We would suggest for you to check them out and to go through reviews of other people to get a sense if this product is the best fit for your current situation.

American Journey Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Offers a superb high-quality protein base followed up with other different ingredients to create a balanced diet



In order to simplify what could be a whole week’s worth of research, we created this article to show you the three best products that we found. All of these recipes were grain free and they contained high-quality ingredients that will not only feed your dog but through revitalize him.

Also as you have seen, one of our primary criteria was how rigorous quality testing is. For us, at Pupped it is very important to see which brands deserve our trust, and this is one of the primary signs. However, we cannot be 100% sure that these brands won’t get sloppy in the future, and that these products are right for you. This is your family member, your companion and what you need to do is to take some time and think this through. Besides going through this article, we would suggest you check one of the links reposted so that you can hear from other best parents how did these foods affect their dogs. Try to compare their situations to yours and find the match. And if you’re making a drastic change in your dog’s diet, please consult a veterinarian. Especially if you are changing from high grain food to best dog food grain free products.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, we are glad to share these stories would pick parents like you. Have a lovely day!

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