The Best Rated Dog Food – Review of the Top 10 Brands

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Feeding your dog is not an easy task. All of us have trouble deciding between budget and quality. However, your dog is more than just a dog, he is a family member, and you want what is best for him because it will prolong his life, and it will increase his happiness. How do you achieve that? How do you pick the food that will be just right for your canine? I mean, after all, they cannot just look you in the eye and say, “it’s bad”!

To help you in this endeavor, we put our time and effort into finding the top 10 best rated dog food currently on the market. The following list, which contains the high-quality best rated dog food, also contains recipes with some of the best dog food ratings out there. With variety of options, we are sure that you will be able to find a perfect fit for your situation.

A word of advice though: even if you pick the best possible food that exists on planet Earth, you will still need to test it with your companion. You’ll need to observe him and to see how he reacts. Is he wiggling his tail? Does he want more? Maybe he doesn’t want to eat at all. Depending on these factors, you will probably not hit the bullseye at the first attempt. However, don’t feel desperate because, in a couple of tries, you will manage to find the food that your dog deserves and that which he will eat happily.

So, let us set baseline here about what are we looking for in the best rated dog food. The dog food is quite simple really; what we are doing is we are analyzing three different things. The first one is obviously the quality of the ingredients, and for, that we will be checking the label. The second one is the recall history. What we’re interested in would be the companies’ recalls and their severity, also taking into account voluntarily recalls versus forced ones. The last thing is the price. Sure, we are going here for the quality, but we don’t want to be paying ridiculous amounts of dollars just to get something that is a bit above average.

Top 10 Best Rated Dog Food

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Merrick - Grain Free Dog Food
  • No gluten ingredients
  • #1 ingredient is real deboned beef
  • Contains levels of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids
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Tuffy’s Natural Planet
  • All natural and organic
  • Highly digestible
  • Provides complete nutrition
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AvoDerm Large Breed Dry Dog Food
  • Promotes healthy skin & coat
  • Premium natural dry dog food
  • Made with california avocados to promote healthy skin
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Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog
  • Complete & balanced
  • All natural and delicious
  • Made with all natural, delicious quality
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Nutro Ultra Trio - Dry Dog Food
  • #1 ingredient is chicken
  • Specially formulated for adult dogs
  • Made with high-quality ingredients
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The best rated dog food is not only of high quality, but it is also affordable. The reason for this is because the companies that make these high-quality foods and products for the day-to-day care of dogs are not ruled by money only. So, shall we discover which food is the one that will bring smiles and joy to your dog’s face.

Merrick – Grain Free Dry Dog Food


Merrick is a company in that has been in existence since 1988, and the place from which they started is rooted in their belief that their pets are the best thing in the world. Of course, when you have the best thing in the world next to you, you want to give him what is best for him as well.

The company was born in Texas, particularly in Hereford, where the founder began cooking food for his beloved dog, Gracie. He wanted to provide her with the best rated dog food, because he wanted to know that she is eating the most wholesome and nutritious food possible. However, that was 30 years ago, and since then, Merrick expanded a lot and managed to show that the love for pets can truly bring miracles, even in the food industry.

The company believes that using only the highest quality ingredients will result in health benefits. This is what we all want for dogs the use of fresh, real, whole foods from the farmers they know and trust to ensure that they are not littering the recipes with garbage. What is also very important is that they say no to preservatives, fillers, or anything artificial. Your dog is a living being, and he deserves to eat natural dog food.

The first five ingredients are:

Deboned Beef – Excellent base ingredient rich in B vitamins and iron. Also, it is packed with protein, which is the cornerstone of a dog’s nutrition.

Lamb Meal – Full of high-quality protein and essential amino acids. Aside from providing a tasty flavor to the recipe, it will also boost your dog’s immune system.

Sweet Potatoes – Rich in fiber and beta carotene, it will reduce the risk of heart diseases and promote healthy bowel movement.

Peas – Excellent source of A, K, and B complex vitamins, not to mention other minerals like iron.

Potatoes – Contains vitamins B and C, as well as the minerals manganese and phosphorus.

So, we have seen the ingredients. They’re all natural and high quality, and that is exactly what keeps this product listed as one of the recipes with the best dog food ratings. What we are always happy to see is when high-quality protein takes the first spot on the list. The reason this makes us happy is very simple. Many companies push low-quality ingredients to the first spot in yet proudly highlight high-quality ingredients, which are only found in traces. That kind of behavior is unacceptable if you want to be ranked as the best rated dog food in our books. That is something you will not experience with Merrick. Even though this recipe seems to be of high quality, what we will look into next is the recall history for this product and for Merrick.

Merrick, in its 30 years of existence, has had a couple of recalls. The number of recalls is four to be exact, the latest one being in 2018. Now to be fair, for this specific product, there has never been a recall issued previously, unlike other products. However, this does concern us a bit, especially when you want to be considered as the highest rated dog food. Usually, we would like to see even fewer recalls, as that would indicate that their quality standards are very, very high. Nevertheless, Merrick remains to be a very reputable and high-quality brand that will ensure that your pet is getting all the nutritious ingredients he needs in order to grow, develop, and prosper, and despite these few recalls, it remains to have one of the best dog food ratings and brand following.

Merrick - Grain Free Dog Food A high-quality brand with all the nutritious ingredients for proper pet growth  

Tuffy’s Natural Planet

Tuffy’s Natural Planet is part of the KLN family of brands. The company is headquartered in Perham, located in Minnesota, and it manufactures a diverse and ever-expanding range of products that cover both pets and humans alike. Depending on whether you are buying for your four-legged companion or yourself, you will either be buying from Tuffy’s or from Kenny’s brand.

In our case, the question is quite simple, as we will be focusing on Tuffy’s because in this review, we are more interested in products for our canine companions. This family-run business was established in 1870, and it is a true example of how putting the family first, taking care of your employees, and taking care of your customers are the right things to do. This focus is what constantly puts their products on many best rated dog food lists. Their fire and passion lay in this commitment, and that is precisely the driver that got them to this point in their history.

Tuffy stands committed in the belief that the power lies in the cohesion of the employees and their commitment to go the extra mile in making sure that their culture is strong. Tuffy also places great importance on employees’ diverse skill sets. In this way, they complement one another perfectly, and they are able to create products with the best dog food ratings. All these come together in building a perfect recipe that is just right for your needs and that your dog will love not only because of its taste but also because it is good for him and he can feel it. The company’s reputation is built solely upon high-quality ingredients made by quality people, distributed by selected and trusted retailers.

The first five ingredients are:

Organic chicken – Being rich in protein, retinol, and alpha and beta carotene, it improves health.

Chicken meal – With 65% protein, this low-moisture ingredient is an excellent protein source.

Organic oats – Contain a lot of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals.

Organic barley – Contains more protein and fiber than rice, making it quite caloric and a good source of fiber intake.

Organic peas – Excellent source of A, K, and B complex vitamins, not to mention other minerals like iron.

As we can see, white chicken is the base for this recipe. This ingredient, as we all know, is perfect for building lean muscle and is an excellent source of protein. What we really like about this company is that it is using all organic, natural products to ensure that what your dog is eating is not harmful for him. This specific formula contains many important supplements as well, such as proteinated minerals and vitamins, which are essential for a long and healthy life. What’s more, this formula also is very high in terms of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid content, placing it high on best rated dog food lists.

So, it is time to check the recall history of Tuffy’s pet food. According to our research, this brand has never ever had a product recalled! Now, what is this telling us? This means that Tuffy’s Pet Foods, which is a family-owned and operated company, is really strict about its standards, both when it comes to manufacturing the product and when it comes to its distribution. This is one of the main reasons why we would suggest this pet food, and if you haven’t checked it for yourself already, scroll just a bit up, and you will find a link that will take you directly Tuffy’s Pet Foods, one of the best rated dog food manufacturers currently on the market.

Tuffy’s Natural Planet Perfect for building lean muscle and is an excellent source of protein  

AvoDerm Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Have you ever heard about this company? Chances are that you have, and if you haven’t, it’ll be my privilege to introduce it to you. As you well know, every brand will boast about its high-quality ingredients in its recipes. Some even go a step further and just mention meat instead of specifying what kind of meat is included in the recipe. What you are going to find with AvoDerm is that its whole collection is centered around the Californian avocado. That is the key ingredient that keeps the product consistently ranked high on the best rated dog food lists.

Now, you can see why it’s called AvoDerm. The reason for this strange ingredient is that they follow the creed of “good health shows.” It is particularly good for dogs who suffer from allergy issues. AvoDerm makes sure that the food it manufactures not only makes your dog feel better but look better as well. What is important to note about avocados is that they are rich in healthy fat, and they help to support the health and the quality of your dog’s coat and skin. Given that these things are highly visible, the company has been consistently getting one of the best dog food ratings for its products.

However, that doesn’t mean that the company only uses avocados in its recipes; it just means that avocado is a central theme. The company are also quite aware that your dog needs high-quality protein in order to satisfy his daily needs, and that is why it also uses other high-quality ingredients, such as quality meats packed with proteins and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

The company has its headquarters in Irwindale, California, and with its track record, it is no wonder why its dog food got listed as the best rated dog food. Some of you might be wondering whether AvoDerm is made in the U.S., and we can tell you that you can rest assured because all the company’s products are wholly made in the U.S.

As previously mentioned, we also looked into the recall history. Other labels can sometimes be misleading, and often, we fall for the brand, hoping that it will really provide us with a high-quality product. Yet, recall history teaches us that there is still something wrong.

Fortunately for us, AvoDerm uses only the best ingredients, and because of this, the company’s 20-year history is stained by only one single recall back in 2012. That recall was issued for only a small batch of products. Despite this, AvoDerm is still receiving one of the best dog food ratings consistently.

The first five ingredients are:

Chicken Meal – With 65% protein, this low-moisture ingredient is an excellent protein source.

Ground Whole Brown Rice – An excellent source of magnesium and selenium; it is also rich in antioxidants.

Ground Whole White Rice – An easily digestible ingredient used to calm down bowel movements; low in fat and high in protein, it is an excellent combination with chicken.

Oatmeal – Contains a lot of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals.

Chicken Fat – Rich in animal protein and improves the palatability of the recipe.

Why do we take into account the recall history and the quality of the ingredients the company uses? This is because we believe in transparency and in the need to have a clear view when deciding what will you give to your companion. AvoDerm will definitely provide the best the industry has to offer to your dog, and if you haven’t already checked them out, I urge you to scroll up a bit and click on the link.

Check them out for yourself. However, as with all foods, we advise you to test it out on your four-legged companion first. Ultimately, what is best for your dog will probably be different from what is best for other dogs, and even though a brand might boast having one of the best dog food ratings, your dog might be more compatible with some other brands.

AvoDerm Large Breed Dry Dog Food Uses high-quality ingredients, such as quality meats packed with proteins and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables  

Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog

The Eagle Pack company is one that is over 30 years old and is trusted by many. The reason why the company holds the trust of many customers is because it puts quality and rigorous testing in first place. The company knows that you want to have your four-legged companion accompany you throughout your life, and the goal is to enable your pet to do so.

Being the best rated dog food and achieving high quality standards are not small tasks. For over 30 years, Eagle Pack has been providing quality natural nutrition and has stayed away from fillers or any kind of artificial preservative. The goal is to bring a balance of proteins, fats, and carbs so that the results you see are a shiny coat and bright eyes.

Eagle Pack is committed to the pack. This commitment extends to high-quality natural nutrition, and to achieve that, the company works with special independent partners that provide it with the necessary resources to ensure that its employees not only have extensive knowledge but the right mindset as well.

When working on the food your dog will consume, they all share their love for their animals with you, and that is why they have one of the best dog food ratings. The company and its employees truly stand a bit above the rest, and there is a reason why they have created a pack. This particular recipe is intended for adult dogs, and we are going to explore label and see what is inside.

The first five ingredients are:

Chicken Meal – A combination of deboned chicken flesh and skin, free from the water, making it a perfect protein punch, which will improve your dog’s immune functions.

Pork Meal – A highly palatable meat source, which is useful for allergy-prone dogs.

Ground Brown Rice – Contains high levels of antioxidants, which maintain normal blood sugar levels; it is also high in fiber and magnesium.

Peas – A great source of vitamins A, B, and K and minerals, such as zinc, iron, and potassium.

Chicken Fat – A highly digestible animal fat that is rich in linoleic acid.

Aside from the top five ingredients we have covered, the company has included glucosamine for joint support and has added probiotics to support the healthy digestion of your canine. This health pack is what keeps the brand consistently ranked as one of the best rated dog food products.

The Eagle Pack vouches that this product is made in the USA, with no corn, wheat, or any other by-products. Also, as we have mentioned previously, the company stays away from artificial colors, artificial flavors, or any kind of artificial preservative, and this recipe doesn’t deviate from the company’s commitment.

However, before you go to buy this dog food, take note that this is intended for adult dogs. It can be fed to dogs classified as small breeds, medium breeds, and large breeds. Moreover, being a dry type of dog food, please make sure to include enough water so that your dog can hydrate after the meal. We here at Pupped are certain that if you have an adult dog, this is the food that you should at least test out to see if it is suitable for your dog. If your dog responds well, and if you love this food and you see great results, we would encourage you to look no further and to stick with Eagle Pack.

Jump on the bandwagon, and discover why Eagle Pack is consistently getting the best dog food ratings. The fastest way to test this will be just to scroll up a little bit, and you will find a link that will take you to the company’s page where you will find additional information and where you will be able to easily order your sample.

Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Provides high-quality natural nutrition for your dogs  

Taste of the Wild – High Prairie Puppy Formula

Taste of the Wild is food that is made in the USA. The company is proud that its five state-of-the-art facilities, which are the ones who are taking the responsibility of bringing quality to the table. Two of them are located in California, and there is one each in Missouri, Arkansas, and South Carolina. The reason for this decentralization is to have access to the exceptional quality of various ingredients sourced from different locations.

While, most of the time, the ingredients are domestic products, they sometimes come from global suppliers. However, it doesn’t matter whether they’re global or local because the company forms very close relationships with its suppliers and take heed that only the best of the best can serve as partners after a very careful vetting procedure. These rigorous procedures keep the company’s products on the list of the best rated dog food products in the market.

From the start until now, Taste of the Wild has been owned and operated by one family. They are pet owners and the founders and the operators of the company. They saw an opportunity for high-quality food and proceeded to make recipes with the best dog food ratings.

The founders noticed that high-quality dog food was been missing from the market, and they wanted to fill the gap and bring an affordable product to customers, such as yourself. Today, Taste of the Wild is proud to be considered as one of the fastest growing pet food brands in the world. However, even with that, the company is careful not to deviate from its mission and its main purpose, and that is to provide your pet with high-quality food that will make him happy and healthy.

The top five ingredients are:

Buffalo – Low in cholesterol and leaner than commercial beef, buffalo meat contains high amounts of protein; packed with essential fatty acids and high iron concentration, it offers the perfect base for ingredients to come.

Lamb Meal – Rich in iron and contains high-quality protein, as well as many vitamins and minerals.

Sweet Potatoes – Aids in digestive system balancing and is high in fiber and low in fat; it contains essential vitamins, such as A, B6, and C.

Egg Product – An excellent source of riboflavin and B12 vitamins; this is are also high in selenium.

Pea Protein – An extremely common, non-beneficial ingredient; it is used to inflate the overall proportion of protein in the formula without sacrificing on the price.

While still having one of the best dog food ratings, we must acknowledge that the formula could be better. We also know it when we see good quality food. The best side of the Taste of the Wild food is that, even with a couple of flaws, such as having pea protein, they have an excellent ratio of price and quality.

It is time to turn our attention to how you can acquire this recipe with the best dog food ratings. You must be aware, as seen from the label, that this food is intended for puppies of small, medium, and large breeds alike. The real buffalo, as a first ingredient, offers a really good protein-enriched recipe. The company also added essential minerals and amino acids to ensure that your dog has everything he needs in this critical period of growth.

Well, every stage of life is important, but we could argue that the puppy stage is when we need to be fast and decisive. So, we would encourage you to test this recipe out. Dogs all around the world love it and are happy and healthy eating it, so why don’t you try to join and taste the wild? There must be a reason why it is considered as one of the best rated dog food in the market today.

Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Puppy Formula Provides your pet with high-quality food that will make him happy and healthy  


Nutro Ultra Trio – Dry Dog Food

For the next product, we are proud to present the Nutro Ultra Feeding Clean. This company has a unique philosophy when it comes to feeding your pets. We all know that it is a great responsibility to take care of another being, especially in terms of feeding and taking care of your pets. How you take care of your pet will directly influence the life he is going to have, and because of that, this company decided to pour all its energy and knowledge into creating an excellent recipe one that is worthy of a best rated dog food title. Recipes that will keep your dog’s clean inside and out are the primary ideas they have on their minds when crafting these foods.

For nearly a century, the company has gone to work with this question in mind, and it went on to create recipes that revitalize your dogs. The recipes are clean, simple, and purposeful. The company made the dog food out of real, recognizable ingredients that do not contain any GMO ingredients, and as the company guarantees, you will see positive changes with your canine very soon after you start feeding him with Nutro Ultra.

The company’s ideals are as follows: tail wagging, playtime, shiny coat, and full life. What Nutro Ultra means by this is that your dog will feel healthy and happy. Supplied with enough energy, your pet will be able to play for long hours and to be active just as he should be. Shiny coat means healthy skin and soft, shiny hair. The recipes are made specifically with the whole well-being of your pet in mind, and that includes his looks. This dedication and proven performance are what keeps the company listed as the one with the best rated dog food recipes, and with these tailored recipes for all life stages and breed sizes, you can pick the recipe that will provide nutrition for the full life of your pet.

The first five ingredients are:

Chicken Helps in building lean muscle mass and provides your dog with an ample supply of Omega-6 acids.

Chicken Meal High in protein content because of the reduction of moisture levels, this ingredient will deliver the necessary building blocks for healthy muscles.

Whole Brown Rice – Being less processed than white rice, it retains more of its nutritional value; it contains a lot of natural fiber, which aids in digestion, as well as an ample supply of vitamins and minerals.

Brewer’s Rice – A by-product of rice milling, this product is exclusively sold for dairy feed; it contains little nutritional value but still holds some fiber in it.

Rice Bran – A by-product of rice milling, this product is also exclusively sold for dairy feed and contains little nutritional value but contains some fiber for digestion.

Pet owners all around the world are happy with this product, and they’re happy is because their dogs are happy. By checking the link above, you will see many reviews from real customers who are not only open about sharing their best experiences with this food but also grateful for the opportunity to assist their dogs in remaining healthy and being heathy, active, and happy. Go and check it out while the offers last. We at Pupped surely didn’t regret reviewing this food, and it is surely one of the best rated dog food recipes in the market.

Nutro Ultra Trio - Dry Dog Food Made specifically to keep your dog healthy and happy  

Instinct Original

Instinct The Raw Brand has a unique goal to redefine what the word “better” means. So, what does that mean to us who want to bring a joyful and healthy life to our dogs? Instinct is on a mission. The company wants to transform the lives of our pets, and that is because it believes that pets are not only something we keep on the side. Pets are an integral part of our families, and we all want the best for our family.

When you think about it, it all starts with food. So, having great quality food prepared for your dog is what is going to skyrocket you pet into the fields of happiness and will also make him healthy. We at Pupped believe that best rated dog food product needs to have a mission. Instinct is not just making food; it is making pet food with love. In fulfilling this mission, the company decided to follow nature’s course. This means that your pet will be getting raw, filler-free products that have no artificial preservatives in them. This is what the company means by redefining the meaning of “better.” It means bringing your pet closer to what he originally ate back at his ancestral feeding grounds and making him eat raw.

Instinct is proudly made in Lincoln, Nebraska. The first-ever raw food was created there; it was made in small batches using Instinct’s own company-owned facilities, and the food was minimally processed and kept high standards. When we look at Instinct today, the company has stayed true to its mission, and it still produces high-quality food with ingredients from hand-picked locations and tested with rigorous quality standards. So, let us take a look into this miraculous food, and let us go on a journey to see what exactly is on that label of Instinct The Raw Brand for your dog.

The first five ingredients are:

Chicken Helps in building lean muscle mass and provides your dog with an ample supply of Omega-6 acids.

Chicken Meal High in protein content because of the reduction of moisture levels; this ingredient will deliver the necessary building blocks for healthy muscles.

Peas –As a primary source of carbohydrates and minerals, it also provides most amino acids that are required by your dog; it has also been shown to decrease the levels of insulin in obese dogs.

Chicken Fat – Aside from improving the taste of the recipe, chicken fat provides a natural source of Omega fatty acids.

Tapioca – Doesn’t contain protein and isn’t considered a potential allergen; this vegetable is found in South America and is an excellent replacement for grains, which often cause allergies.

As we can see, this is a grain-free, gluten-free recipe with no corn, wheat, or soy added to the recipe. It is intended for adult dogs of both small, medium, and large breeds. The chicken that is first listed on the label is a cage-free chicken that is high in animal protein. Notably, 70% of this recipe comprises real animal ingredients in nutritious oils, and the remaining 30% comprises fruits, vegetables, and other nutritive ingredients.

To the mix, the company add natural probiotics, Omega fatty acids, and antioxidants to support digestive health and to improve the quality of your dog’s skin and coat. This product is proudly made in the USA and is proudly consumed by countless pets. So, go and check them out! It is quite rare to see raw food of such high quality, and we really like the committed people who operate in small groups and, despite that, still manage to contribute and redefine. The product and the company truly deserve to have one of the best dog food ratings.

Instinct Original A great quality food prepared for your dog  

Victor Purpose – Nutra Pro

Victor Purpose Nutra Pro is a product that we are sure you will love. The company, Victor, with all of its super premium dog food, is committed to raising strong families and staying true to its values. It is their mission to create the best dog food possible. The company built its own manufacturing facilities from the ground up in Texas so that they can do it their way, the right way. This full control over the creation process is positioning Victor well to be able to create the best rated dog food recipes.

Creating an excellent product is not an easy task, and everything starts with hand picking the right ingredients. The reason why there are so many steps in collecting ingredients is because Victor does not waver in its commitment to high-quality nutrition. The company wants to ensure that every formula is fresh, simple, and packed with nutritious value, and that is easily observable when you take a look at your pet, which will be consuming this food.

You’ll see that your pet is healthier, better performing, and more active than he used to be. Victor dog food is proud to never have compromised or wavered from the company’s vision and mission. So, what can we say about this product? First things first, it is meant for all breeds and all life stages. More than 92% of the protein comes from meat sources in this recipe, and the company is proud to report that this is the highest protein multigrain formula for dogs for all life stages.

What should also be noted is that Victor proudly sources the ingredients for all the recipes from the U.S., and the products are produced with due diligence in the company’s own Texas-based facilities. So, let’s check the label to see the nutrient-dense recipe that is made with premium high-quality beef to find out just how good this product really is.

The first five ingredients are:

Chicken Meal High in protein content because of the reduction of moisture levels, this ingredient will deliver the necessary building blocks for healthy muscles.

Blood Meal Contains crude protein and essential amino acids, as well as minerals; while it is generally safe to feed your dog with this ingredient, it is listed as mildly toxic, making it dangerous if consumed in large quantities.

Whole Grain Millet An excellent source of B vitamins and iron; it also contains a large supply of phosphorus, which is much needed for healthy bones.

Chicken Fat – Aside from improving the taste of the recipe, chicken fat provides a natural source of Omega fatty acids.

Yeast Culture – This is rich in B complex vitamins and contains an ample supply of antioxidants; it also assists in maintaining healthy hair and skin.

On top of or explanation of top five ingredients, this food is ideal for dogs who have allergies to other meat proteins. All of Victor’s food is made from gluten-free grains, and in the mixture, the company also included all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to ensure that your dog can grow strong and develop regardless of his life stage. The reason for Victor getting one of the best dog food ratings is now clear, and we are confident that the company will keep this reputation in the future as well.

Victor Purpose - Nutra Pro Made with premium high-quality beef and the highest protein multigrain formula for dogs  

Wellness Small Breed Complete

Now this is a brand that you have definitely heard of, and if you haven’t, well, now it is time to get acquainted with it. Wellness is one of the most popular brands of dog food, and there is a good reason why it is held in such high regard. Wellness is known for its focus on high-quality products that are meant for all sizes and ages. Note that this particular recipe focuses on puppies, so let us see how good is it.

The Wellness company focuses on simple, natural ingredients that provide excellent nutrition. The brand is actually owned by a pet food company called Well Pet, which has its headquarters in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. The company was formed in 2008, after Eagle Pack Pet Foods and Old Mother Hubbard merged. Ever since then, Wellness has continued to innovate and produce one of the best rated dog food products.

Throughout the last century and even today, Wellness’s products are mostly manufactured in its facility in Mishawaka, Indiana. Another thing to check for when it comes to the best rated dog food is the company’s recall history. With the popular and big brands, we should be aware of the recall history because that will tell us how good the products really are. As for Wellness, since 2011, they have had five recalls, and out of these five, only two were voluntarily recalls, and the last one happened in March 2017.

So, with this in mind, let us jump into this particular puppy food. As we mentioned, this particular recipe is targeting puppies and is mostly suited for active dogs who like to jump around and make a mess. The primary source of protein, as seen in the packaging, is turkey. Turkey, chicken, and salmon meals possess natural oils that will be very well suited to long-haired breeds. It is also worth mentioning that this recipe is completely grain free and that the carbs mostly come from pea lentils and chickpeas. On to examine the first five ingredients and how they contribute to the overall health of your dog.

The first five ingredients are:

Deboned Turkey – Being a lean white meat, turkey provides high-quality protein and low calorie levels; it is also rich in selenium and highly digestible.

Chicken Meal – A highly concentrated protein punch; moisture levels are lowered to around 10%, such that the majority of the meal is actually protein, which provides a lot of energy for your dog while not drastically increasing the number of consumed calories.

Oatmeal – Rich in Omega-6 acids and an excellent source of fiber.

Salmon Meal – Rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, as well as improves your canine’s immune system and contains a lot of fatty acids.

Ground Barley – Low in cholesterol and high in fiber; make sure your pet takes it in moderate amounts due to high carb saturation.

As seen from the ingredients, they’re all of very high quality and contribute beautifully to your dog’s development and health. The only concern we have about this best rated dog food is the recall history of the company, although this might not be an indication of your pet’s future performance, nor does it mean that the food is not suitable for your dog.

What it does mean is that the company’s quality control and vigilance should be higher than it was in the past. Nevertheless, this is still a very high-quality food, and with a little bit of attention, you can avoid any potential dangers and feed your beloved puppy with something that is very good for his current happiness and future growth. Because of all the things listed above, we decided that this product truly deserves to be one of the best rated dog food recipes.

Wellness Small Breed Complete This recipe is completely grain free and carbs mostly come from pea lentils and chickpeas  


Blue Buffalo Life Protection

We at Pupped have already reviewed Blue Buffalo products before, and we were always satisfied with their performance. If you are unfamiliar with this company, give us a minute so that we can tell you about the benefits of having your pet consume Blue Buffalo. The company is known as a producer of one of the best rated dog food, and it enjoys a very positive reputation among its customers.

The primary motivation for making pet food lies in family cohesion. Our pets are more than just that. They are part of our families, and they enrich our lives a thousand-fold. Because of that, the Blue Buffalo was born out of the need to provide the family with the very best.

The company sees food as a natural and healthy meal that not only satisfies the taste buds, but also invigorates your dog and makes him healthier. When the founder’s beloved dog was facing a variety of health issues, the decision was made to start the Blue Buffalo and help other dogs around the globe as well.

Now that we are aware of the company’s ideas, we can move to the product review to determine the reason why we called this recipe one of the best rated dog food products. Customers believe in Blue Buffalo, and that loyalty is rewarded in the form of high-quality ingredients being mixed in the recipe. Now, let us review the top ingredients.

The first five ingredients are:

Deboned Chicken While meal is mostly dry and compact, deboned chicken contains a good chunk of water, which evaporates during cooking.

Chicken Meal A highly concentrated protein punch with moisture levels that are lowered to around 10%, so the majority of the meal is actually protein; it provides a lot of energy for your dog while not drastically increasing the number of consumed calories.

Brown Rice – Good for dogs with bowel issues as it is rich in fiber; eating brown rice will minimize the chance of dogs having an allergic reaction to food.

Barley – Contains gluten and is full of carbs, which is not something your dog would eat naturally; in small amounts, it won’t do him any harm, and it is good that this is listed as the fourth ingredient and not higher, although in our opinion, it should be even lower on the list.

Oatmeal – Served in moderation, it will do good for your dog as it contains linoleic acid, as well as soluble fiber; linoleic acid is an Omega-6 fatty acid and is responsible for strong skin and reinforces the health and well-being of your canine.

Based on the label and testimonials, why is this considered as one of the best rated dog food products in the market? For starters, it contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and no by-product meals. An added benefit is the precise blend of minerals, as well as vitamins handpicked by nutritionists and veterinarians. Most of the protein comes from named animal sources and contains the necessary amino acids for the growth and maintenance of dogs.

While we would like to see more meat at the top of the label, this best rated dog food will still nurture your pet and keep him healthy. Make sure you have a bit of water next to your pet whenever you feed him, so that he can stay hydrated as well. Lastly, we encourage you to check the product for yourself, and observe how your dog reacts to it. By following the link, you will be able to see other reviews as well, and they will help you in finding the right information when judging this product.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Made from high-quality ingredients that invigorates and make your dogs healthier  


We have seen many recipes by now, most of which are getting some of the best dog food ratings out there. However, not all recipes are made equal. Some are better, whereas others use some lower level ingredients. Some will be a perfect fit for your situation, and yet some will be rejected by your dog, even though they have the best dog food ratings. One thing we can’t reiterate enough is that your dog, your companion, needs to experiment with a couple of different best rated dog food products in order to find one that suits him. Just as we try different shoes and shirts before buying, so must your dog figure out the most suitable food for himself with the best dog food ratings.

The way we can help our canines is to provide them with the products that have the best dog food ratings and to experiment with those. Moreover, we need to observe them and see for ourselves how they react to the served food. Once we repeat this cycle a couple of times, both you and your companion will be quite close to understanding the most suitable food for him.

Take another look at the labels of the products. Many things are hidden in plain sight, but they are there. The reason why we placed such an importance on the top ingredients is because they are the most represented ingredients in the food, and we, as dog owners, need to know what are we giving to our dogs, rather than just blindly believing the selling pitch on the front cover. Be vigilant, and your dog will appreciate your kindness, not to mention that his health will drastically depend on your food choice.

We at Pupped thank you for taking the time to read this article, and we hope you found some useful pieces of information. While we would like to be able to pick only one recipe and make your life even easier, we are not capable of doing so. With so many variables and ever-changing rules and regulations, this is the best we could do to help you on your journey towards finding the best rated dog food for your pup.

Amanda Wilson
A licensed veterinarian and a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Amanda Wilson grew up in a family of biologists and veterinarians from her hometown of Boston, MA. Amanda used to work in an animal research facility in California. However, she had a change of heart after being assigned temporarily to support a big state animal shelter and seeing the conditions of the dogs admitted. She felt that they deserve more love and that first-time pet parents should be well-informed about all aspects of pet parenthood—even the not-so-great ones.

Currently practicing at her own clinic in another city, Amanda lives with her husband and son, as well as their family dog—a Dalmatian named Tiny. Aside from attending to the needs of her fur-bulous clients, she also enjoys teaching young children about responsible pet parenting.