Finding Out What Is The Best Dog Food

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One of the primary responsibilities as a pet parent is to take care of your companion. They reward us with love, attention, and so much fluffiness that it would be a crime not to pick what is best for them as well. But how do we take care of these furry animals? After all, it’s not like they can tell us what’s wrong and how do they feel. However, we can still to the best of our ability, gain insights into how our dogs react to the environment and foods.

One of the crucial things that you will need to decide on, is which food will you buy for your dog. There are many brands and different recipes numbering in thousands and they will make your head spin until you pass out. That is why we are here to help, not only by simplifying and making the list shorter but also vetting the really bad and mediocre products. We, as well as pet parents, have asked ourselves the question what is the best dog food to feed your dog? What is the best canned dog food? Those simple questions made us spend hours and hours discovering the truth behind the labels and what do our dogs really need.

In order to understand what is the best dog food to feed your dog, we must explore your companion’s needs first. Dogs are not strict carnivores, and also gain nutrients from different fruits, vegetables, and grains. And while we might be inclined to say that recipes containing these ingredients are not just fillers, we need to be extra careful about their quality and purpose in the kibble or wet dog food. To simplify the answer to the question what’s the best dog food, we needed to do some research.

As with humans, balance is the key. In order for your dog, big or small, to gain all the necessary nutrients, he needs to have a balanced diet. In other words, the food he consumes must contain a wide variety of ingredients. Only that way will we be able to intake all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber, and different antioxidants into your dog’s body.

To this end, we will be exploring both the canned food and the kibble. So in one fell swoop we will show you what is the best canned dog food, and what is the best dog food in general.

The Best Canned Dog Food 2020

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Wellness Core Grain Free Puppy
  • 100% grain free
  • Complete and balanced meal
  • Made with high quality proteins
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Victor Puppy Grain-Free Formula
  • Grain Free
  • Nutrient-dense recipe made with premium-quality beef, pork and fish meals
  • Ideal for growing puppies and pregnant or lactating females
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Redbarn Steak and Egg Stew
  • Fresh, real beef is the first ingredient.
  • Made with real red barn bully sticks
  • No artificial flavors
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Canidae All Life Stages
  • Chicken for optimum protein
  • Premium ingredients for great taste
  • Simmered in broth
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Nulo Freestyle Trout and Sweet Potato
  • Grain-free recipe
  • Proprietary formula 80% animal-based protein
  • Aids in food digestion and metabolism regulation
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Life Stage

The first thing we need to differentiate is in which life stage is your dog. What is the best dog food to feed your dog for your situation will heavily depend on where your dog is: a puppy, adult or senior. Depending on the stage of their lives, just like with humans, your companion will have different needs. The best rule of thumb is to always get the food appropriate for his stage, and this is something that will be shown on the packaging. Alternatively, you can get dog food which says, “All life stages”. In this review, we will include all three stages so that you can pick the appropriate one for your situation. Join us and find out what’s the best dog food for your situation!


The next things you should be aware of are allergies and various food sensitivities. If you know that your companion has certain sensitivities you will need to put extra care when looking into ingredients. What’s the best dog food for you, might be completely different because of this.

Labels and ingredients

The most important thing when choosing the food, besides choosing the appropriate life stage, is actually going through the ingredients and finding the ones your dog needs. Whats the best dog food going to do, if all the ingredients are providing nutritional benefits that your dog doesn’t need?

Fortunately for us, reading labels is not math. It’s much easier to understand but you will still need a little bit help if you’re completely new to this. There are two key things you should watch out for when going through the ingredients list:

1) Named ingredients – always avoid recipes that have ingredients like “meat meal” and go for the specifically named ingredients (such as “beef meal”). This will ensure that the ingredient is of at least a decent quality and that you know what is the source.

2) Top list ingredients – If you see that there are a lot of high-quality ingredients, but they are at the bottom of the ingredient list, it could be that a lot of fillers has been used in this product and that the actual quality and nutritional ingredients are only found in traces. The best way to ensure high-quality ingredients and their quantity is always to check the first five or six ingredients on the label. After you read through all this, you will be able to determine what is the best dog food on your own. And what’s the best dog food? The one with ingredients your dog needs the most.

Percentage of ingredients

One other tricky thing is to quickly identify what food should be investigated at all. The easy way to do this is to scan the name of the product and check how is it named. There are four different types of food namings, and depending on that, the percentage of the base ingredient (such as beef) will be higher or lower.

Chicken – If it says just says “Chicken” or “Beef”, then it is chicken or beef. Meaning the mentioned ingredient needs to make up more than 70% of the entire recipe.

Chicken dinner – Additional word like “platter” or “dinner” in the name of the product, means that the ingredient is present in at least 10% of the entire product.

With chicken – Key indicator “with” means that the requirement is only 3%.

Chicken flavor – The worst possible thing you can spot in the name is the word “flavor”. This means that the nice picture on the cover of the product is present in less than 3% in the whole product.

Now we are ready to explore what is the best dog food to feed your dog, and where to obtain it. We will show you the best dog food for every life stage (both kibble and canned) and walk you through our ratings. Without further ado, let’s start with the young ones!


Life Stage: Puppy 

Wellness Core Grain Free Puppy

While Wellness manufactures a huge array of different products we are going to focus on one specific product, and that is dog food for puppies. Their focus is on using simple and the natural ingredients that will with the minimal amount of processes be turned into superb food for dogs.

The origin of this company lies in the merger of two other bigger companies. Eagle Pack Pet Foods and Old Mother Hubbard. Together, they have more than 150 years of industry experience, and they decided to merge back in 2008.

At Wellness they are proud to be doing things their way. The aim of this brand is to create delicious recipes that do not contain any fluff or fillers. However, this pursuit doesn’t and just with the goal that is merely a start. In order to create arguably whats the best dog food they need to go the extra mile. In order to do that, they continuously research how to make food well, how to make their processes efficient and as safe as possible for your companions.

It all starts with preparing the right recipes, for the right consumer. In our case, it is the puppy food, a young and growing companion that needs all the energy he can get and all the nutritional value so that he can get strong. To help him in his journey, Wellness created this formula that we’re going to share and it contains valuable superior nutrients and probiotics so they can help in creating the great body foundation. What is the best dog food if not the one containing great ingredient combination?

And because after all, they are big a family, pet parents as well, they have very-very high standards. These high standards are what helps them be in front of the composition, being unbeatable. With such high standards and the mission, they aim to answer a simple question, what is the best canned dog food. But to achieve that title, they must not only focus on rigorous health checks and quality ingredients, but they also must make sure that the food is tasty and that it carries the right nutrients for your puppy.

One of the things we look into very carefully is the recall history of the brand. This product has, we would say an average score. This product has been involved with a couple of different recalls, the last one happening recently in 2017. The previous recall was due to the elevated levels of thyroid hormones, and one prior to that back in 2012 was recalled due to potential contamination with Salmonella.

This is telling us that their procedures for testing the quality of the food and safety, could use improvement. However, we need to give them the credit for doing a voluntary recall versus being forced out of the stores. To us showing the goodwill and willingness improvement and following through, is equally important as being excellent now. Whats the best dog food without continuous improvement and the determination to create something what is the best canned dog food.

While their mission is solid they have pure goals, please bear in mind the recall history but give them a chance. They are transparent and aim to provide quality ingredients which we are going to review, but just because of that we don’t feel pressured to put the recall history aside and just showed good points. As fellow pet parents, we are obliged to show to good the bad and the ugly so that we can inform you to make an educated decision.

Let us review the top ingredients on the label and see their benefits and overall composition:

Turkey Broth – The base ingredient for this recipe, it is a combination of a healthy ingredient that is packed with protein and the natural flavor that will make your dog very likely to consume the food. While it does provide an example supply of moisture, being mostly water the nutritional value of the broth is relatively low. If used alone, or reporter ingredients is the only mask the rest of the recipe, however, if used properly it can aid in the palatability of the recipe and increase the overall tastiness.

Turkey – As mentioned for the previous ingredient, turkey is packed with protein. It is white meat that is an excellent choice for pets who will have food allergies to for example beef. Besides containing a digestible protein, it is also rich in selenium and essential fatty acids and calcium. Turkey in itself contains also little moisture, so to compensate for the lack of punch usually turkey meal or some other meat meal is added to increase the nutritive value through a highly condensed protein pack. However, adding this ingredient to turkey broth makes a good combination for the base, and depending on the rest of the recipe it is a very good start. What is the best dog food is almost unnecessary to ask if the turkey is in the mix.

Chicken – Relatively similar to turkey, chicken is also white meat. It contains a lot of protein and comes in low caloric value. It is an essential building block for young dogs because it helps in bolstering immune functions and muscle and bone growth. It contains the supply of glucosamine which is an active resource for the maintenance of healthy joints and is helpful to all stages of life. Looking at this third ingredient and combining it with the first two we get a very solid base that contains essential building blocks for the growing puppy.

Chicken liver – Yet another ingredient rich in protein. However, if we compare it to chicken and turkey which contain an ample supply of water, chicken liver is more dense with protein and other nutrients compared to water-filled chicken and turkey. This means that even if it’s represented in a smaller quantity, it probably delivers a better punch. And anyhow, whats the best dog food without liver. Besides protein, the liver contains a lot of B-complex vitamins and is also the source of vitamin A which will help in maintaining proper eye functions.

Ground Dried Peas – And our last ingredient comes packed with very high-quality fiber. It was shown that it helps in lowering cholesterol levels and that it also has some significance in managing blood sugar levels. Having this high-quality fiber is essentially the selling point for dried peas. The additional benefit of this whole composition is that dried peas have a very good effect on the bowel movements of your puppy. Overall it supplements the previous meats perfectly and helps in digesting the previously mentioned ingredients.


This Wellness product is definitely worthy of being on this list. When we were looking for the first time what is the best canned dog food, we were a little bit skeptical about this product. Our main concern was the recall history, and we thought that the rest of the recipe will be of fairly low quality. However, after reviewing the companies full history and the recipe we can safely say that this is one of the very high-quality products that you can use for your puppy.

While there is no certain measure this will tell us that the recall will not happen in the future again it is important for you as a pet parent to be aware of various sources where you can gather recall information.

So whats the best dog food part in this recipe? For us, it is the combination of broth, various meats, and liver. This excellent base for the recipe will provide your puppy with necessary building blocks that will allow him to grow and prosper. And as most foods, we would encourage you to check the impressions of other pet owners and see their experience. You can do this very easily by navigating the link and checking the reviews for this product. Wellness has a loyal fan base and there is a reason for that.

Wellness Core Grain Free PuppyProvides quality ingredients for overall complete health of your dogs 


Victor Puppy Grain-Free Formula

Victor Super Premium pet foods are high-quality nutrition that delivers for every life stage. Long ago they asked themselves whats the best dog food, and they weren’t satisfied with the answer. After that, they modified their mission to create the best pet food that exists. To achieve that they set to build their own manufacturing facilities so that they could be in full control of the processes. From the strategic location in Texas, carefully selecting ingredients and judge them by high-quality nutrition. Their goal is not just to create formulas that will sell, but formulas that when executed with precision will provide your companion with high-value nutrition.

Victor pet foods want to be the answer to your question, what is the best dog food to feed your dog. And to that extent, they are committed to delivering high-value products. They try to source as many high-quality ingredients as possible locally however, every ingredient has to pass regular safety and quality checks. And with this missing statement, stellar reviews from independent critics and loyal fans, we need to review this product ourselves.

With their mission in mind, we need to check to more thinks. We need to know the recall history, and we need to know the quality of this formula. What’s the best dog food will largely depend on your unique circumstances however with, Victor we feel that your puppies might be getting everything they need regardless of your situation. So with that said, let’s jump into the food recall history of the Victor pet foods.

We have terrific news for you, Victor at the time of this writing hasn’t suffered a single recall thus far. While the company isn’t old like all school dog food producers, they are still here long enough to show us that their quality checks and high standard rigorous procedures, do pay off. While this is not a guarantee that they won’t have a recall in the future, it is a very good indicator that they are doing their absolute best to ensure the safety of your pets.

With their commitment, an excellent mission statement and goal that will drive them forward for decades to come and stellar recall history (or should we say, lack of recall history?). With this, we only need to check the quality of the ingredients. As with the previous product, we will be looking into the top ingredients for this product and see the benefits and drawbacks of this kind of formula.

Beef Meal – We can see that right off the start they are using a basic ingredient that is packed with protein and flavor. This red meat has an ample supply of proteins that will help in muscle building and repairing damaged tissue. Besides this raw building block, beef also contains traces of iron. Iron is essential for red blood cells so that they can continue delivering oxygen in a proper fashion. And the last benefits with the help from zinc, and B vitamin complex, your companions will have an uninterrupted growth during his puppy stage and various other critical functions such as immune system and nervous system will be assisted. Being a meal instead of just beef means that the contents of beef will be highly preserved, as most moisture has been dried off. This means that the most present ingredient in the formula is not just adding to their weight but also its high-quality essential nutrients for your puppy.

Peas – The second high-quality ingredient, is considered to be among the healthiest human slacks for your companion. It is packed with minerals, is rich in protein and has high fiber content. To top it off it also contains lutein which is an antioxidant and will promote skin and heart. Really the only drawback of peace is that they shouldn’t be used with dogs who have kidney issues, however, if your dog is free of any kidney disease bees will provide unparalleled nutritional benefits. Fiber content is really important for improving bowel movements and is lowering the risk for certain types of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

Sweet Potato – Before you think that this potato is your average white potato, check again. Sweet potato has an orange color and is quite different from what you would think. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and is high in fiber and has been also shown that it decreases the chance of chronic diseases. Among other things, sweet potato is high in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B and niacin. That means if you were to compare them to your average white potato, sweet potato actually holds more nutritional value and has a sweeter taste. The only other difference really is that sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index, meaning it’ll take longer to have them digested. And the last thing that needs to be mentioned, is that sweet potatoes have remarkably high vitamin A content. It really makes you wonder whats the best dog food if not the one containing sweet potatoes.

Chicken Fat – is highly digestible animal fat, and surprisingly has high omega six content. Besides providing this essential fatty acid to the mix, it also significantly improves the taste of the recipe. It has been shown this recipe that contains chicken fat is more appealing to dogs. Since these fatty acids are highly needed in this critical growth period it is great and that they are included in the mix. Chicken fat does not contain any protein so if you are worried about potential allergies you can then rest assured. Besides the above mentioned it is also a great source of vitamin E and will bring your dog smile shiny coat without a fail.

Menhaden Fish Meal – Before you run away because of this strange name stop! Menhaden offers an enormous supply of omega-3 fatty acids and may provide enhance memory and cognitive functions Omega-3 helps in inflammation reduction and is essential for maintaining critical body functions both during growth and in later stages. Blending nicely with other key ingredients, this compact fish meal will provide the last boost your puppy needs.


Now that all the pieces are in place, and we reviewed all key areas, it is time for the final conclusion. If you were to ask us now, what is the best dog food, we would have only one answer. Victor dog foods. After analyzing this recipe it is unbelievable how much care and dedication was put in creating this formula and actually executing with the idea and creating an awesome product such as this. And it is not just us, their fan base seems to be constantly growing and now we know the reason why. What’s the best dog food might be different for you, but definitely give this brand a chance.

Their mission and the whole concept of reaching to the top is what is propelling them in creating excellent dog foods such as this. That is the reason why they put rigorous quality testing procedures in place, and regularly check the source of their ingredients. With such dedication and precision, they managed to prevent any possible recall and to deliver the food your dogs absolutely love.

As we can see from the ingredient list, they’re using high-quality meat ingredients supplemented with other vegetables such as peas or adding sweet potatoes that will bring the necessary vitamins and minerals to the mix in order to create a full package for your dog. And because of this may be what is the best dog food to feed your dog will become synonymous with Victor pet foods in the future.

We definitely encourage you to check the link which will take you to the product page, because there you will not only get a chance to see for yourself the quality of this food but to also see countless loyal customers shared their experience with victor pet foods and with that we are sure that you will make the right decision.

Victor Puppy Grain-Free FormulaThis uses a basic ingredient that is packed with protein and flavor 

Life Stage: Adult

Redbarn Steak and Egg Stew

RedBarn premium rolled food was the first product of the Redbarn company. They were originally from Canada but have moved to California when their operations grew big enough. Redbarn is a completely family-owned business, where two best friends came together to create superb premium quality dog food. Their mission was, and always have been to produce healthy, wholesome and innovative pet foods and treats that will revitalize your dog and bring him happiness.

The product that we are going to review from Redbarn is a kind wet dog food for adult dogs. It is suitable for all breeds and doesn’t only pose quality taste but also has some of the best ingredients that you’re going to find in the market. While searching for what is the best canned dog food, we needed to include a couple of different parameters when ranking the products. One additional parameter that we use is the recall history of the brand. As far as we could see, Redbarn has only had two recalls so far, both of which were for treats only.

What is the best dog food to feed your dog? For Redbarn the answer is simple: the food that will leave your dog with its tail wagging, and that will make him healthy. As we can see that they have a suitable mission and the recall history, so it is time to focus on the recipe itself and ingredients used. What is the best canned dog food will largely depend on ingredients such as these:

Beef – Packed with protein amino acids, beef will be your go-to ingredient for building muscle and repairing damaged tissue. Being the necessary building block, it is also responsible for keeping your whole body protected from various illnesses and is much more fulfilling compared to carbs. Beef is also a great source of iron, which is essential for maintaining a proper red blood cell flow.

Beef Broth – While being quite tasty, it offers a great source of minerals which will improve your dog’s immune strength and give him a couple of other benefits. We almost forgot to mention the B-complex vitamins which improve the immune system, nervous system, and other various body functions.

Vegetable Broth – Being full in magnesium, potassium and numerous other minerals while also being lower in calories will provide your dog with a small additional back of nutrients. It will repair your dog’s stomach lining and improve his digestive tract. While on its own doesn’t pack great punch such as beef or beef liver, combined with them it creates a perfect mix

Dried Egg Whites – Have you ever tried this nonperishable ingredient? If not, your dog can be the first one in the family to do it! Dried eggs contain all the nutritional benefits that you would expect. It offers an ample supply of protein and is a great source of antioxidants and other nutrients. It goes very well with meat bases such as beef.

Beef Liver – The liver is a super nutrient that contains tens of times more nutrients than any other meat. It is rich in proteins, fat and vitamin A while also containing iron, copper, niacin, zinc, and phosphorus. It also contains essential amino acids that will balance your dog’s diet and keep them in shape. Being so rich in the necessary building blocks for a dog, not only will his skin be in a superb condition, but also his bowel functions and blood sugar levels will be kept in perfect condition as well. What is the best canned dog food, without a superb nutrient like the beef liver.


Redbarn has evolved to produce some of the greatest foods for dogs and with their humble origin from Canada, they really have grown and prospered.  And while they have over 200 products in their portfolio we picked this one because we think it is one of their best. This premium range of dog food is remarkably tasty, and that is because they use single meat protein recipes in order to maximize the flavor.

Scoring consistently a bit above 4.5 stars in the customer reviews, we can also see that they have a dedicated fan base that approves this product line as well. Adding to that their low recall history, we can only come to the conclusion that this is a truly dedicated brand aiming to deliver the finest ingredients to your dog. And to answer the question, what is the best dog food to feed your dog? Redbarn Steak and Egg Stew!

Redbarn Steak and Egg StewPacked with protein amino acids for building muscle and repairing damaged tissue/p>

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry

Taste of the wild was founded back in 1970 when two brothers-in-law bought a company that produced livestock feed and dog food. Since then they have expanded multiple times and around the year 2007 started producing this magnificent food called the Taste of the Wild. Whats the best dog food, for them it is the natural feeding grounds. All their effort is located in creating high quality, grain-free recipes that are mainly produced in the United States

When we looked into the company, what we found is that most of their ingredients are sourced in the United States. Sometimes though, when local ingredients are not available, they source the missing stuff from New Zealand, Germany, and Belgium. Their food usually presents about 35 to 40% protein which is quite big compared to typical kibble brands. Their focus is to use ingredients that your dog’s ancestors would naturally consume, therefore arguably creating what is the best dog food to feed your dog.

The benefits of these grain-free formulas are better taste, healthier immune system and extra energy that will keep your dog wagging its tail. To top it off the Taste of the Wild is a very reputable and its recall history is also suitable for all those who take extra care to buy from brands that have rigorous high-quality procedures put in place. What’s the best dog food going to do without rigorous quality processes? In that regard, the Taste of the wild has the edge and we can see that by their recall history.

So far there was only one voluntary recall back in 2012. It was regarding potential contamination from salmonella bacteria, which resulted in a class-action lawsuit that was settled two years later. While this is definitely an unfortunate situation since then the Taste of the Wild didn’t have any major slip-ups and has stepped up in their quality procedures even more.

We are going to dissect one specific recipe and leave a link for the product so that you can review other people’s opinions as well. This is a grain-free product made for adult dogs of all breed sizes. And while the perfect food would have no recalls and stellar history, we at Pupped believe that there was enough quality rigor put in place and that there is a lot of improvement in their quality procedures to recommend this recipe. Let us examine the label and ingredients in it.

Buffalo – This means which is low in cholesterol and high in protein is an excellent base ingredient for any food recipe. It has high concentrations of iron and essential fatty acids. What’s more, pet parents comment that their dogs absolutely love the taste. Proponents of these raw diets in the raw foods are praising meat such as beef for providing healthier skin and improving energy levels in dogs. The bottom line is that the buffalo meat contains exceptional building block nutrients that will help your dog regardless of age. What is the best dog food to feed your dog, if not the one with high protein count?

Lamb Meal – Being another source of protein, it excellently complements the buffalo meat. High-quality protein and essential amino acids, like found in lamb meal, will help your dog built and heal the body tissue and make his day to day regulatory body processes go smooth as possible.

Chicken Meal – Chicken is another ingredient that contains high amounts of protein and is quite clean as well. It also contains a lot of phosphorus which is a mineral that is required for proper maintenance and development of teeth and bones. Various B vitamins found in chicken will help keep the blood vessels healthy and keep the healthy eyesight as well as improve skin and coat quality.

Sweet Potatoes – Containing high fiber content, vitamins C, healthy protein and a lot of the beta-carotene sweet potatoes will do wonders for your dog. It will support your dog’s digestive system, because of its high fiber content, and will also stabilize the blood sugar levels and keep the heart functioning properly. What’s the best dog food without some high-quality sweet potato?

Peas – While you are probably aware of the green peas and their health benefits, let us just point out how good they are. They have a modest amount of fibers and antioxidants in them. With this, they will improve digestion and stabilize the blood sugar levels. Similarly to sweet potatoes, they will also work on improving and maintaining good eyesight.


Taste of the Wild offers a truly natural balanced diet which is also grain-free. And not to forget, what is the best dog food without some quality tested ingredients from the US? It is very important to emphasize that most of the ingredients come from the US and that the recipe is very well constructed. They use high-premium ingredients to create this kibble, and it shows when your dog eats it. As we mentioned in the previous food, what is the best dog food to feed your dog will heavily depend on your conditions and needs of your companion. However, we urge you to at least try this Taste of the Wild the recipe and see for yourself.

The company’s mission, recall history and reputation all get a passing mark from us. As mentioned previously, while they did suffer a voluntarily recall in 2012, they still managed to come on the top and fix the underlying issues. Ever since the company was producing high-quality foods without any issues and enjoys high ratings from a very large customer base. We definitely recommend this product, not only because it has a good balance of quality and money, but firstly because it is a very high-quality recipe that comes from tested sources.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain FreeAbout 35 to 40% protein which is quite big compared to typical kibble brands 

Life Stage: Senior

Canidae All Life Stages

Canidae was born because of the need to produce high-quality food for dogs, that consumers really need. It all started back in the last millennia with big brands that didn’t pay attention to retailers and consumer wishes. At the time what is the best dog food wasn’t on their mind, but a simple idea. Create the product your dog needs.

This is a completely family-owned company that manufactures various pet foods and most of the foods they produce are suitable for all ages. This is a premium product that uses high-quality ingredients and is a trusted brand across the US. So what makes this brand so popular? And what is the best canned dog food that they can offer? We are going to answer these questions, in this review.

Like with other products on this list, we will be looking into three specific areas to determine the quality of this product. First, we are going to focus on their mission statement and then we will have a look into their recall history.

Canidae was created in California back in 1997 and that is the place where they are still located. Whats the best dog food is the question they ask themselves every day. Their dream was always to completely own a manufacturing facility and do things their way. Because of that, they acquired a production facility in Texas and that is where the duty or manufacturing.

Their mission is to create pet food by the pet people. It is us; the pet parents know what our dogs need. We are next to them 24 x 7 and we see how they react to food. That is why they want to provide high-quality products for your dogs to help you, from wasting time and energy, not to mention money, with useless products. They work together with other small businesses like theirs and support each other as well as organic farms that bring them high-quality ingredients. They believe in naturally sourced ingredients that will make their recipes shine even further. And while their intentions are noble, and they’re moving in the right direction what about the recall history?

When it comes to recalls, they are a very good indicator of how the company takes care of their quality checks. From our experience companies who are opened, honest and have very rigorous high-quality standard checks and procedures put in place, they suffer fewer quality issues. And after all, what is the best dog food without the best quality check? Even the best ingredients can carry something harmful for your companion, especially when poorly checked. And after all, what is the best canned dog food going to do to your dog if it is not properly checked.

When it comes to Canidae, they only had one recall back in 2012. However, it is important to know that the recall only affected Eastern US states such as Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Upon further reviewing the severity and the overall volume of the recall many experts in pet parents agree that this was a slip-up. They are more than two decades track record still remains unstained by any major incidents and we can safely say that they have an excellent track record.

However, we would like to mention that we cannot predict the future of this company. According to their mission, and the recall history it seems that they will stay on a stellar track record for decades to come. It is always advisable to follow recall alerts and to be sure that whenever the recall is issued you quickly check whether the food you’re using to feed your dog is on the list. Even if we find whats the best dog food out there, we still need to remain vigilant if we want to make our pets safe.

Chicken – While it has been said before, it is important to emphasize the chicken is very high in protein content. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best foods judging by its protein content. However, while protein is the necessary building block is not the only one your companion needs and chicken can help you with that as well. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B and vitamin D. These vitamins are essential in preventing car disorders, keeping cholesterol levels normal, and with calcium absorption. Chicken also contains an ample supply of iron, potassium, and sodium. With such diverse benefits from a single ingredient, it is very good that they are using it as a base ingredient and that is listed on the first spot.

Chicken Broth – While having similar benefits as the previously mentioned chicken, the main difference is the chicken broth carries less nutritional value. Aside from the paste, which your dogs will love, chicken broth offers only a fraction of the benefits that the previously mentioned chicken ingredient does. When using this combination they work as a great team, however, beware if on the other foods you find broths as standalone ingredients.

Lamb – While the previous ingredient was white meat, now it is time to move to the red meat, lamp. Lamb is considerably richer in iron and chicken also contains high-quality protein as well as various vitamins and minerals. One of the highlights of the lamb decides to protein, like vitamin B12 and selenium. B12 is essential for maintaining proper brain functions and blood information. Where is selenium has several key properties. Primarily it is an antioxidant that will prevent unnecessary cell damage that is caused by free radicals in the body. Its other important part is in strengthening the immune system and aids in inflammation reduction.

Chicken Liver – As you can see the trend of the ingredients on this list, you can see that they contain a mix of different quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It is all coming together in a perfect blend. Chicken liver contains a very low amount of fat and cholesterol and is very high in iron and zinc content. Similarly to Lambert it is also high in the B12 vitamin but is also rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A has the primary task of maintaining proper eye health.

Ocean Whitefish – Wrapping up the most important ingredients, we come to the whitefish. Whitefish is high in phosphorus content which will keep the bones strong and maintain the proper structure and density. It is also aiding in inflammation reduction and boosting your dog’s overall immune system. That is because the whitefish is rich in the vitamin B complex. And while the primary benefits that you mentioned are great, we must not forget that whitefish also contains a high protein content which is essential for your dog.


If you were to ask us whats the best dog food or specifically what is the best canned dog food, at this point we would probably answer Canidae! Probably you aren’t surprised but in case you are, let us explain why we believe this recipe and the execution is almost flawless. First of all the company has a great mission, and what is the best dog food going to do if the company producing it will stray off their path sooner or later? That is why we want to ensure that the company we are recommending has great potential down the road, and we definitely think this one offers just that.

Secondly, when we looked into the recall history we were surprised that they only had one the recall so far. The recall wasn’t huge in volume like we are used to seeing, and we can definitely see the made improvements to prevent any further quality issues. While this is not an indicator that there will never be any issues with this food, it is showing us that the company is putting the very high effort in their quality control and that it is very likely that in the amount of damage to may come out of it will be quite minimal. What is the best dog food if not the one with great quality control?

And if you’re wondering what is the best canned dog food doing so low on the list, while we are not ranking this list for numbers but by life stages. However, even if this is a senior stage, this food is suitable for all life stages. However, we Pupped would always recommend for you to get specific food for a specific stage. Especially when we’re talking about puppies. For seniors and adults, this food is absolutely terrific.

If you take another glance at the ingredients, you will not only see that they perfectly blend, but that they supplement each other and create a protein punch that will have a great taste and deliver all the necessary vitamins and minerals to your companion. So what is the best dog food to feed your dog?

If we take into consideration a wide range of applications for this food. We definitely recommend you check this product following the link and see for yourself what other customers say. You can hear their stories and understand why Canidae has such a loyal following.

Canidae All Life StagesA dog food with premium ingredients for great taste 

Nulo Freestyle Trout and Sweet Potato

What do you get when nutrition meets love? You get what is the best dog food product on the market. You get NU and LO, NULO. Michael had the Labrador, Max and as every pet parent was concerned about the food he was giving to his trusted companion. Because he couldn’t efficiently care for his dog due to his job, he quit his job and moved to pet care where he discovered something he didn’t know.

He was disheartened by low-quality food and was distressed to see that most major brands contain a lot of fillers in their food, and he didn’t want his dog eating that. That is how Nulo was found, and that is where our story begins.

Based in Austin, Texas they worked tirelessly day and night to created dozens of recipes that will nourish and make your pets the happiest one around. Susie can see their hearts are in the right place, and their mission is strong and who live for decades to come.

But what is the best dog food without high-quality control? Our second parameter when choosing foods is always the recall history. It is a good indicator of how serious the company is about your dog’s well-being. Any data regard Nulo scores very high. So far the famous website to dog food advisor has yet to report any recall for does brand. With this combination of the great mission statement and high quality, the only thing we need to check for whats the best dog food is the actual ingredients.

Deboned Trout – Starting off with the fish you’ll be pleased to know that it contains an excellent source of high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It is also important to note is that it is rich both in phosphorus and potassium. These minerals will help in balancing the salt and help your dog with maintaining proper bone integrity

Turkey Meal – Continuing the streak of high-quality protein meet, we come to Turkey. This lean, white meat will assist your dog to boost necessary functions such as muscle building. Also since this is a meal, it’ll come with low moisture content and most of its weight would actually be containing the protein and the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Salmon Meal – Another fish in the top five list, and this one is fairly known to everyone. So long, similar to trout is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The reason these fatty acids are considered essential and why it is great to have them in your dog’s diet stems from the fact that they are not produced in their bodies. Besides this essential fatty acid, Solomon is also high in complex B vitamin content and high-quality protein.

Yellow Peas – This type of peas will enhance your companion’s immune system and will improve his heart condition. They’re also very dense with minerals and provide an ample supply of iron as well as fiber. This makes them blended very well with high protein foods and supplementing some of the less presented minerals in the meets.

Sweet Potato – Another ingredient that is rich in fiber, sweet potatoes offer a wide array of benefits. One of those benefits that weren’t included in this list so far is a supply of beta-carotene. Among other things, it will stabilize the blood sugar levels in your dog and keep his heart function properly. It really makes you wonder what is the best dog food if not the one containing sweet potatoes.


While there are many great dog foods out there this one definitely ranks among what is the best dog food products on the market. Very few brands make a perfect mix of their mission statement, quality control, and actual recipe quality. We believe that NULO achieved just that that, and not only on paper but out there in the world. So we would encourage you to go and check out the link so that you can see for yourself why do they have such a loyal following. And while you already know the answer, seeing other pet parents satisfied will provide you with the last proof you need to choose NULO.

Nulo Freestyle Trout and Sweet PotatoA high meat/low carb proprietary formula 80% animal-based protein for more amino acids and better flavor 
Amanda Wilson
A licensed veterinarian and a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Amanda Wilson grew up in a family of biologists and veterinarians from her hometown of Boston, MA. Amanda used to work in an animal research facility in California. However, she had a change of heart after being assigned temporarily to support a big state animal shelter and seeing the conditions of the dogs admitted. She felt that they deserve more love and that first-time pet parents should be well-informed about all aspects of pet parenthood—even the not-so-great ones.

Currently practicing at her own clinic in another city, Amanda lives with her husband and son, as well as their family dog—a Dalmatian named Tiny. Aside from attending to the needs of her fur-bulous clients, she also enjoys teaching young children about responsible pet parenting.